WA Newbie Common FAQ

Last Update: June 06, 2014

Hello, I was thinking lately of doing an FAQ for the WA newbies about what they can/should do and what they can't/shouldn't, helping them through the journey of Affiliate Market. If you think I missed a question, notify me. Let's begin!

Q: When will I make money?

A: You will make money when you have a successful business and traffic with your website. Also, do not fill your website with ads or affiliate programs, that will kill your website's rankings.

Q: How do I make money?

A: There are many, different ways you could make money with your website. The most common ways though are through advertising and affiliate market. For more info, click here: http://tinyurl.com/nbdr9yu

Q: How do I gain traffic?

A: You will gain traffic once you have great and successful content on your website. If you have traffic, you can also start working with affiliate programs. Also remember, Content is king.

Q: What happens after I finish the tutorials?

A: Once you finish the tutorials, then you have completed your training. You know everything you need to become successful. You can continue normally editing your website, adding content on it or do anything you want.

Q: Is there any other way to make money except with your website?

A: If you want to make money without your website, you can do the WA Affiliate Program. What it is exactly is sharing WA wherever you want, and once they make an account, you gain money. I suggest you to join the Affiliate Bootcamp if you are interested. For more info about this, click here: http://tinyurl.com/7amwwdq

Q: Is there anything I can win besides money?

A: Yes. If you get 300 premium referrals you can go to a trip on Las Vegas, with many other people. To get referrals you must affiliate with WA. Read the previous question for more info.

Q: Is it necessary to buy premium?

A: It is not necessary for a successful business, but if you buy premium you will get tons of good benefits and extra training courses that will help you even more to reach your goals. Just by being premium you are not only helping yourself, but everyone, too.

Q: What does ranking do? Does it have a use?

A: Ranking is quite essential for you and the whole of WA. It is your score. It shows people how good or how helpful you are, and they trust you more easily. Also, with enough ranking, you could become one of WA's Ambassadors, which have great benefits.

Q: How do I get ranked on WA?

A: To get ranked, you must contribute and be helpful on WA. There are many ways to get ranked on WA, such as answering other people's questions, or welcome people to WA. For more details, click here: http://tinyurl.com/mx2c5w9

Q: What does it take to have a successful business/website?

A: To have a successful business/website, you need to make useful and great content. That way you attract people and they get interested in your website. After that, you can work with affiliate programs and add them to your website, making you money and having a successful website. For more info, click here: http://tinyurl.com/mhjoufj

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trekrider Premium
Hello Michelle...great recap for those new to WA. Best of luck and success at WA!
PositiveGuy Premium
Hi Swedenrocks, I've read your blogs. It is awesome. Here is my question: you say: "Do not fill your website with ads or affiliate programs, that will kill your website's rankings." and then you also say: "The most commom ways though are through advertising and affiliate program." Are you talking about the different things?
MichelleWA Premium
Well, Affiliate Programs and advertising are the most common ways to get money, as it says, and it is very easy. However, Google does not like tons of links packed inside a page, and so if you put tons of links and advertisements inside a page, then it is going to hurt your rankings, it may not even index you as well. On the other hand, if you do not put any affiliate links, you will not gain any commission.

That means you should put an amount of affiliate links and advertisements that will not hurt your site's ranking and give you commission. Moderation is best. I am sure that answered your question.
marsgram Premium
This a really good FAQ Michelle! I also had no idea that 300 referrals could get a trip to Las Vegas! Lori
MichelleWA Premium
Thank you!
Savant Premium
Just what we needed here! Good work Michelle, thank you.
Jason T Premium
Awesome blog it is so nice to see you growing and understanding the business. I k ow you will do well. Thank you for sharing this.
Best wishes
MichelleWA Premium
Thanks. We all started as newbies, even the most expert people on WA were once newbies. Have a good day!