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Last Update: August 12, 2019

Hey Everyone,

not written on here in a long time as I have been trying to work more on one of my websites on a regular basis the past several months and seeing good results too.

Recently I was approached about placing sponsored posts on my siteand was wondering do any of you allow sponsored posts on your sites and how do you think they do?

It all feels a little strange that people are willing to pay to to put thier work on my site.

Would love to hear everyones thoughts and experiences on this.

Many thanks in advance


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firstlearn Premium
I would want to check the website that wants to link to me thoroughly Michelle. A few years back I allowed a site to link to me that looked very good and I was pleased they wanted to link to me. When I checked the link a month later there was a casino site in its place.

MichelleMor1 Premium
Hi Derek,

I have checked all links and the writer has a similar niche to mine and has linked back to their own website as well as to Amazon as an affiliate.
So far all look good and we have been communicating over a few weeks now.
This is my first dealings with sponsored posts so trying to as thorough as I can when checking through things.
Thank you for your response and a good reminder to check the links at later dates, I shall be sure to diarise a check-up.