Help Needed - Issues with Classic Editor

Last Update: September 10, 2019

Hey WA Friends I'm in need of some help. I currently still use the classic editor for my blog posts but have started to have some major issues with it.

I do use the classic editor plugin but I am having trouble inserting links, photos and changing fonts.

I tend to do most of my writing on word then copy and paste into classic editor before adding pics, links, changing headings and sub-headings. this allows me to start blogging on my phone or tablet when out and about and then finish and edit the blog once home on my computer.

Have any of you guys been having similar issues or have any solutions that may help.

I know I really should have bit the bullet by now and have changed over to the new editor, this may be the week I do it!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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JKulk1 Premium
Hi Michelle
Like you I still use classic editor .and it works well However I haven't copied and pasted from word yet. I do know that when I copy and paste to site content I have issues. Jim
MichelleMor1 Premium
Thanks guys will try these suggestions. Had to publish then go to edit to add in pics and links but it worked ok then.
accad Premium
When it comes to font TinyMCE Advanced can help you, you install the plugin.
And when it comes to images the EWWW Image Optimizer can also help you, you install the plugin too.
BvVugt Premium
The problem might be with Word. Word adds its own coding and you copy paste that into your editor.

Try pasting it into notepad or notebook: these programs/apps don't add any coding. If you then copy paste it from notepad to your WP editor, you only transfer plain text.