GoDaddy Domain Deal

Last Update: Jun 18, 2015


Just a heads up if you are in need of a domain between now and Friday at midnight (Mountain Time in the U.S.). Use code gd5656b and get 30% off your new domain purchase.

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Thanks Michelle.

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle, I use Name Cheap too, but for 30% off, I'll pick up a couple .com domain names for sure. Thx

Great! Glad it will help some. :)

Thanks Michelle.

Thanks Michelle.I do use go daddy but I am not buying anything new at present.Hope you are well,it seems a long time since we have chatted,you had the lovely dog isn,t that right.

Hi Mark. I'm also not buying right now, but I know that some are. I am well, as I'm hoping you are, too. I do have a dog site, not sure if that is what you meant. :)

Thx Michelle but I use Name Cheap

I know, we all have our favorite place. But 30% off will help some folks out a bit, I would think.

Sure Michelle , you are so kind providing that information

Thanks for the heads up!

Definitely nice catch.... GoDaddy discount codes have been pretty slim pickin's lately!!!

Nice.. no catch? like have to host at godaddy?

No catch. Just has to be for a new domain purchase. Cannot be used with another offer and obviously it is not good for renewals or anything of that nature.

I am sure you just helped out a ton of people Michelle.

Hope so. :) I have always missed out on these deals. lol

me too lol.. I know you can search for namecheap coupons and normally there is one to save a buck.. so roughly 10%

Ya, 10% isn't so great, but 30% is one of the best I've seen. Hope someone can get use out of it!

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