For Members who have any questions about Jaaxy.

Last Update: June 04, 2020

First; this is my 27th Blog; so I wanted to make it special. And Members have been asking me about Jaaxy. So, this is my Response. Now, I must say; I actually had to do a Google Search to find this. I tried here in WA; and I wasn't able to find the link I am putting up.

The only thing I found was a Video about an hour. And I didn't want to take an hour to learn about Jaaxy. No Offense to anyone here. I am just saying; as I have said; I don't always have time. And I didn't think I had an hour to watch a Video.

And I have to say here too; for Complainers; first; this Link is not mine; and second; I am doing this to help other Members; no Complaints: Okay. Just saying that; and I hope I don't get blocked for this. But, to explain; there are Complainers here on WA. And if a Disclaimer is not given; they may complain against me. Sorry for any Inconvenience.

Now, I am just going to say; that this Link should explain any questions Members have about Jaaxy. So, as I am saying; the link I am going to put up; it should answer any questions Members have about Jaaxy.

And I am just going to say again; I had to find this Link on Google; I was not able to find it here on Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe the search engine should be looked into. No Offense meant.

I am just going to add; in case it is not clear; if you want answers for Jaaxy; all you have to do; is click on the link I am adding. All the answers for Jaaxy should be in the link. Hope this does help? And if you have any more questions; try asking around. You can ask Kyle and Carson; and others. For Kyle; just put his name into the search engine here on WA and go from there; then after Carson; hope this helps?

So, all the answers Members want on Jaaxy should be in the link above. If Members still have questions? Please Inform me? And I will do another search.

And I will say; most probably; if you E Mail me; rather than answering. I will either send a request for you to join my Linkedin Network; or add you to my Linkedin Network; and if you want to talk on Linkedin? You can contact me there if you want to?

Thank you:


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Nice one, cheers for the link.
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Thank you very much for the great information
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Great post 😊👍🏼
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You couldn't have put it more clearly. Thank you.

We are Blessed.
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Great post