WA Membership...to be Premium, or not be Premium

Last Update: September 18, 2013

Today, I have made the committment to become a premium member with WA. This is my work, my focus, my future. Thank you to the long-time, dedicated members of WA for the road you have paved for us.

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RedDawg Premium
Is there a possibility that I can suspend my membership for a short time because of health reasons?
nathaniell Premium Plus
Glad to see you here! Make sure to squeeze that value out of you premium membership. Ask lots of questions, watch the webinars on Friday, and eat up all the training you can :)
MargaretY Premium
Great decision. Congratulations. All the best.
ChrisDB Premium
That's great news and I applaud your decision. I agree; it's our work, our life, and our focus. It 'feels' more like all of those things since I became premium. I think that if premium is affordable, it can help to make us feel and be more committed. All the best to you both!