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Recently, I wrote a blog entitled “Don’t Look Now, We’re Being Followed”. In it, I made the commitment to visit the websites of a few of my “followers” each week and write comments on their blogs, etc. So far, I have kept to that commitment. In doing this, I have uncovered some things and wanted to bring it to the membership.A Disservice To WA Members Some websites I visited had visitor comments written, so I knew the sites had traffic. Unfortunately, as I read through some o
November 05, 2013
So today I found out about Vowch! I guess there is a new player in town for social networking. This one professes to be different than Facebook and Twitter. It's main purpose is stated as "sharing your recommendations with the world." Its founders, who knew famous people, just wanted to get information (deals) out to the celebrities fans…thus Vowch. Does it look like there will be money to make from such a site? Check out this review:
I don't know if any of you have been sent an email from someone at this email address: (please don't click on it). I have received more than one from an Emma stating that money was sent to me and I had to click on a link to claim it (that is a red flag right there). I have been sending them to the spam folder. Does anyone else have an experience with this type of email? I'd be interested in hearing from the members.
Well, it’s the evening before Halloween and as we prepare for all the little costumed characters coming to our doors tomorrow, this thought came to mind…”don’t look now, we’re being followed!” Scaring others is certainly a part of this event, but my attention focused on the Wealthy Affiliate community…not that any of you are scary! I have been a member of this support community for only a short time. I’m still learning the ropes and navigating through the training process. I
This "take" off of a familiar movie title is how I would characterize my first 3 weeks with Wealthy Affiliate. On Sept. 13, 2013, I became a free member of WA not knowing what a blog was and how I could ever consider this as my full-time job. When people asked me what I am doing (for a job), I didn't know how to respond...I still don't! When I told my wife I was going to be a "blogger", she laughed and said, "yes, you can do that has a hobby, but you need to get a job!" I have been intervie
Today, I have made the committment to become a premium member with WA. This is my work, my focus, my future. Thank you to the long-time, dedicated members of WA for the road you have paved for us.