Should You Fear The 3rd EYE?

Last Update: October 20, 2015

There are many things in the world that people fear, often times, these fears are rational such as heights, snakes, or enclosed spaces. Sometimes, these fears are irrational in the form of balloons and clowns. So, is the 3rd Eye a rational fear? Everything in the world, depending on the people, can be instilled with fear. No matter how genuinely scary something is or how simple it is, it always depends on the person and whether or not they choose to fear something or to face the facts and face their fears.

Let's take a look at some of the dangers that may come with the meditation that goes with opening the 3rd Eye.

Risk of attachment to meditation experiences

When you get into meditation, you may get many fascinating meditation experiences. You may for instance, get to hear conversations in diverse languages; you may also see certain happenings from our world as well as from other worlds.It is also not infrequent to see unfamiliar beings. You may see colors, especially the Blue Pearl which some people consider to be their own souls.

These meditation experiences do not necessarily have to be dangerous. It's perfectly fine for you to accept these experiences and let them go away. It is also not dangerous if you decide to explore them for some time before moving on to other things, However, in all that you do, never ever loose prospective of the forest because of a single tree.

A person who gets attached to these experiences will keep exploring them deeper and deeper until eventually he or she forgets about the path to self-realization. Eventually, what happens is that his or her spiritual progress will come to a slow but sure stop. So it is important to remember that the goal of meditation is not the supernatural experience or the visions. The main goal of meditation at the end of the day is self-realization.

The danger of developing supernatural powers

Dangers lies in everything, no matter how simple or big. Whether you are jumping off a building or just breathing-there is danger in everything. The concept of danger is whether or not a person perceives something as danger. It all depends on the person whether what he sees can be considered dangerous and to what extent. Alternatively, when a person is faced with something that has imminent danger, the question also then becomes how he will handle it and face it. Things that have the potential at being dangerous need to be taken care of and handled by individuals who understand the risks of their undertaking as well as a clear understanding of mind, where there is acceptance of the consequence in the future whether they may be good or bad, there lies the answer of whether a person is fit enough mentally to handle the situation

This can happen to a person who has been meditating for several years or one who has been meditating in past lives. In both cases, this is a real risk that can happen quite fast. In both cases, this is a real risk that can happen quite fast. Some supernatural powers that are commonly gained include:

  • Generation of heat such that you never feel cold
  • Begin seeing what happens in the neighborhood or in another country
  • Sometimes you may see what happens in other worlds
  • Some superpowers will allow you to be a particle of something else and gain its awareness.

Having supernatural powers can be dangerous in many ways. When most people begin to meditating, in usually is not good for the community. In most cases, meditation is usually done in effort to be better oneself and not others. We can therefore correctly say that most people begin meditating for there own personal reasons. These reasons are not negative in any way and could be for eradication of stress, raising consciousness, gaining a deeper understanding of God or oneself, to experience the unity or God's power and so on. As you can see, it is usually on exceedingly rare occasions that anyone starts meditating for the enlightenment of other people or for the inducement of more positivity and wisdom to the world.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with meditating for your own personal motives as long as you do not harm anyone. However, when a person starts developing supernatural powers and his or her ego is still quite big in that he or she has selfish wishes, it most will translate into that big ego will badly want to put these powers into practical use. The result may bring harm to other people as well as totally disregard of the boundaries and rights of others. A good example is if you get the gift to tune into what another individual is thinking. Only the most Buddha-like person would have such powers and refrain from tuning into thoughts of those around him of her such as a spouse, friends', or potential partner.

Once you begin using this power, you sooner or later start taking on more and more evil karma. One small bad deed could mark the beginning of your spiraling since the bad deed will invite its "neighbors". The result will then be a rapid accumulation of bad karma. You will additionally be at a risk of and future births in low worlds. This will come on top of a likely negative future in our present life.

The Danger of the Dark Night of the Soul

This is one of the worst effects of meditation. You may successfully overcome all of your attachments to meditation experiences. You may even let go of all attachments to supernatural powers. However, the worst comes at when the moment you come face to face with The Dark Night of The Soul - this phenomena that not many meditators can walk out of easily.

This is usually is an inner state of your soul when your awareness of God drifts completely and your soul is left feeling all alone. When meditating, it is not unusual for a person to feel that God is always there with them. Such people usually feel that their intuitive abilities can never let them down. The Dark night of the soul transpires when suddenly, they feel that they have been left completely alone.

This is usually a damaging experience for most meditators. Some people will try to go through this time with calm and sober mind. However, majority will usually get so frightened that they end up stopping their meditation and consequently, their their spiritual development. Most of the people who do these never resume it again in their present lifetime. Some of them even start believing that God doesn't exist.

As scary as these phenomena sounds, it is actually easy to deal with. However, first you must understand how it comes into being. The Dark night of the soul usually happens because of inadequate knowledge. If you fully understand why it happens, you will go on with your meditating despite of it. If you overcome this phenomenon, you will experience an even deeper connection with God. This Dark night of the soul will usually come to the meditators that are very close to enlightenment. In fact, this is most probably the last step of enlightenment.

The Dark night of the soul will teach the meditator that all the external gods born in the meditator's mind or in the minds of other projections of their own awareness. Therefore, the meditator learns that it is only him or her that really exists. The meditator is thus the only reality. The moment you acknowledge this, you will be seeing yourself being mirrored in every living and non-living being and occurrence. When this happens, you no longer feel alone. You will feel and be aware of God's presence. Each time your meditate, you will feel the Universal Love and peace.

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Detlef Premium
The people from East India it is known for thousands of years that those practicing every day meditation.
Entire Asia is meditating for thousand of years.
Fear is what we humans create on our own.
A Toltec Wisdom Book : "THE FOUR AGREEMENTS" will explain about fear in detail.
LLiu Premium
Marion you have explained this very well. If one meditates and is seeking to better them self's in the present of God, then they have nothing to worry or fear about. He is your protector. That is my take on it anyway.
MFreire Premium
I am back after a hospital stay, but my next blog that I publish tonight is about Awakening the Third Eye. I hope you like it. Take care.
LLiu Premium
Thank you Marian, Take good care...
LLiu Premium
Marion I just heard of you going back for more tests. All our prayers are with you. You take care and we will always be here, so not to be concerned. Love hearing from will wait to hear from you..
Linda :))
mijareze Premium
Nice blog!
BenORourke Premium
Is this translated from another language? It does not flow correctly for me.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
It's not rocket science or dangerous its mindfulness and only an American can say this is dangerpous, it is something you feel not something you write about