Igniting Your Dimensional Consciousness

Last Update: Oct 5, 2015


First I would like to thank everyone for sending such kind words and prayers. I truly missed all of you. Now, I am out of the hospital and beginning my blog again will help me heal faster. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends here at WA.

your friend, always


Practicing meditation and activating the sixth sense enhances our connection to Everything. You become aware that the energy of the Universe is within all things. There is a difference between understanding this principle and being able to experience it. Your meditations also tune you to a better frequency. Life becomes more rewarding and fulfilling. You understand life more deeply and become one with it. This happens because of the second thing the meditation technique does. It raises your consciousness and Tonal (vibration) by gathering Prana (energy) into you.

Awakening and experiencing multi-dimensional consciousness requires fuel.

It requires prana. Prana is the all-pervading vital energy of the Universe. It is the energy that makes up everything and is everyone. Energy is Prana. This distinction makes it clear that I am talking about an all-pervading vital energy, not a form of electricity.

Prana is important because everything needs an exchange of energy.

Everything in our universe require an exchange of Energy. Our soul, our consciousness, our dimensional being is composed of and fuels on prana. When I talk about raising tonal or shifting consciousness to a higher vibration, that requires fuel, it requires prana.

We cannot achieve anything psychic or spiritual with Prana.

People, often called psychics, who display paranormal abilities, will say they feel drained after performing paranormal feats. It is very tiring. These acts take a certain kind of fuel and that is Prana. We must have fuel to raise the vibration of consciousness, shift into other dimensions and ultimately awaken.

We cannot awaken without gas to get there.

This meditation technique shows someone how to draw in this energy intensely. It is too detailed to discuss now and I believe every one needs more information, so you can experience the expansion of consciousness safely. I truly care about all my friends and I sincerely want everyone to have very positive experiences, so be patient and read what I blog. The information will be stored in your unconscious and when all the pieces come together, you will experience life changing events in your lives.

We draw prana to us by being aware of it. By simply meditating, using a system designed to do it properly; we can collect and consume prana.

Prana is the fuel that will drive us to awakening. It is the breath of life connecting our dimensional consciousness to our present one. When we consume enough, we can do amazing paranormal things, things that I probably I should not write down. These paranormal feats are achieved when our consciousness is at the proper tonal and one is able to understand them. This is why this system frequently urge the pursuit of paranormal abilities. The drive to achieve them will activate the 6th sense, which will enable a bridge to the dimensional consciousness and ultimately accelerate awakening. It is all connected.

The process of awakening requires two primary ingredients:

  • We must maintain a state of consciousness that uses our 6th sense
  • We need prana

These are the core aspects of this meditation technique.

One must also have the right intent and understanding. This blog will help with that understanding. It will better direct the intent of everything behind meditation. This blog will narrow your focus on why you need to awaken. It will correct a common misunderstanding about the 6th sense and mystical experiences.

It is not enough to go out and do any old meditation, as there are so many different kinds. Many people who dedicated their whole lives to meditation have only mastered their brain and body, never even beginning to bridge into spiritual. Most have never found the missing link.

This is one of the reasons why so many people get frustrated with meditation. We have ignored the importance of the 6th sense and the pursuit of metaphysical (hidden) experiences and wisdom. If only they had the key to activate their 6th sense, they would see the payoff for their time spent meditating!

Spending time meditating without developing the 6th sense is like building a space shuttle in your front yard and only thinking it is a picnic table. Can you imagine if someone came over and said, "You know what you could do with this..." and then showed you how to fire up the engines and blast off into space!

Meditating without a system to activate the 6th sense is like a nice, calm, relaxing picnic table. You have no idea what you can really do with it.

I will be blogging every day for 6 days so me friends can catch up. I appreciate your patience and your dedication. I am truly blessed.

Take care, Your Friend,


Recent Comments


Nice to meet you Marian, I was very intrigued.your blog and very keen to read the next one. Thank you for sharing. Cheers for now. Rene

Glad to have you back and writing these enlightening articles Marian

Thanks Simoc, It's great to be back! All of you at WA helps me heal and I hope I can help you with the lessons I learned over 30 years.

Good to see you up and about and writing again Marian, hope all that hospital stuff is behind you now.

You know Gary and I am only telling you this. My son Brian has been deployed to contain Isis. He has been in the Navy for 23 years. He will bringing the Marines, tanks & supplies to the shore for 7 months. My son Louis was shot 2 weeks ago and is OK because of his vest. He is the head detective of human trafficking in New Orleans.
If you pray, please keep them in your prayers.
Your Friend,

I am sending out positive vibes to those 2 brave boys Marian they are awesome humans but you already know that, keep your chin up Marian.

Thanks Marion, I will be an avid reader.

Lindon, how are you? I want my WA community to be given certain thoughts that will possibly help them with this new venture; that took guts to do. I will pay for the knowledge and help WA members to be successful. Everything is free, no strings attached. I wish I had this info when I was searching for my direction. I now know my direction is helping others find their dreams without 10 or more years of struggling.
Your Friend,

You explain it very well, I feel more connected when I am in a higher state of awareness I do like visualization as to meditating.. glad your on the mend take care

Hi Katie, I missed you. You are an old soul because you get it. I know I am drawing these blogs out because I want every one to develop a safe way to experience the awesome.
Your Friend,

it is good to have these blogs as humans we so limit ourselves,, have a good day

Thank you Marian for explaining this for all of us. It is much like you have said I feel. It is so interesting...
I am so happy you are back and doing well, and I feel you will be even better soon.
I will tune in tune in tomorrow.
Have a wonderful evening,

Hi Linda, It's friends like you who bring happy tears to my eyes. I was an only child who was different because I saw my Relatives who passed before my parents knew and hearing words coming into my mind when I was at a comatose person's bed. I see now that this is a gift from God (Universe) to help families know the beautiful thoughts of the dying patient.
I am so great for your thoughts and inspiration. Take care and it's great to be back!
Your Friend,

Glad you are feeling better!

Thanks, WA is a healing experience I never knew before. I appreciate your support and caring.
Your Friend,

Hi Marian. Lovely to see you are back and feeling better .

I have just started Tapping Meditation.
I do feel more calmer .
I will learn more about meditation.
Thank for sharing a great blog .

Hi Starr's, I experienced when you start mediating, you do hit walls, but if you don't give up the rewards are priceless. I gave up several times when I was in my 30s & 40s. But know I wish I would have stayed with it. My life would have been a lot easier! I just hope everyone who reads my blogs @WA can be helped when their taking a chance to make their life and their family's lives more fulfilling. Thank you for following my blog.
Your Friend,

Marian, I'm unable to communicate on this matter using sophisticated vocabulary. But I'm sure, I know spiritual connection do exist and function super well in my life. I experienced it and from this time my belief system are rebuild and bringing to my life miracles. Every your blog is refreshing this simple true about our life. What is beautiful for WA Community. Thank you Marian.

Hi, you are a wise person to experience such awesome events in your life. Most times you can't express what you experience in words, because it's beyond words. So when you say that, I know you are experiencing truly wonder spiritual events. You are truly blessed.
Take care,

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