Choose To Become Your True Self

Last Update: October 07, 2015

Meditation offers you reflection. It creates and refines your soul. As you gather energy, you give strength to your energy body. We are evolving now, beyond our ancestors. We are thinking more than they thought. We are creating more than they created. we are more than they were. The average education and maturity of a fifth grader could be comparable to the maturity of someone twice their age a thousand years ago.

We are living in a much higher evolutionary state.

The human body is creating and forging a true soul, not just a vision. Our concept of the soul has evolved through churches, religions and philosophies. Now we desire to create a true soul. With only that desire the body gathers and shapes more energy, so that it will not die. It will move into another body, its next evolution.

If you meditate enough, you will begin to "get it" and the data that you receive will hit explosive levels that will leave you in awe. It is very common to see flashes and streams of imagery, which is a massive amount of information being downloaded to your brain. However, it takes time and practice to learn how to tap your brain for this information. It is like global-consciousness Internet and it is there, it is online.

You must let it flow inside of you with a fluidic consciousness. More than willing it to flow, you should let it become you. Let it solidify part of yWant nothing and allow it to become .ou. It is tricky to understand. Try to understand multi-dimensional consciousness and exercise it through proper meditation.

You must choose to become.

You have to let things become you. A plant does not think about the process of its job, it becomes. A tree becomes. Animals do not think about what they have to do, they become. You see, the only thing that does not listen to this law is humanity.

Human beings constantly try to fight their nature. They have forgotten simply how to "be".

It is like praying. People who pray tend to only talk at God. Yappity, yappity, yap...what I want, what I want you to do, what I need, what's going on, what Mary needs, what Billy needs you need to heal him, you need to do this...and it goes on and on.

When you meditate, you listen to God.

You will be amazed at the things God has to tell and show. You allow the Universe to express itself through your cells, your energy. You allow the Universe to transform you into what it wants you to become, by meditating and letting this data in.

You have to choose to let it become you.

The problem is everyone has to think too much like a human beings. Of course, you might laugh and say you think like a human because you are one! To that reply, I suggest one should go back and re-read many of the blogs before this one.

You are more than the vehicle, more than the brain and must strive to be more than human. This structured way of thinking has trapped you. For example, let us say there is something you think you need to know so you go out and try to learn it, so you can become what you think you need to become. The Universe does not work that way. It gives you the kind of knowledge you need. It has a plan for you.

You see, the Universe has been telling the world what to do since the beginning of time. God has been telling the world to live as an organism and how to live. The Earth has been telling the organisms that live within it how to live. You tell the organisms in your body how to live and what to do. However, you do not do it willfully. These organisms listen and do well. The fact that you desire this knowledge and that you open your mind to the Universe means that you are collecting data. You are collecting experiences.

Open you mind and suddenly you will see things. Reflect on things and you will receive revelations.

Those revelations become profound experiences and life-altering breakthroughs! You must not let your brain dictate your understanding. You must learn to think in a different way.

Evolution, this is what this whole blog is about. It is about creating a soul. Although I say evolution, I mean revolution, because we must choose to transform ourselves.

We, meaning you and me and everyone who feels this connected purpose, we must choose to move forward and act. We must strive to understand and become this knowledge, because this knowledge is alive. It is alive! It must grow and procreate but it needs us to choose to act on it.

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GaryMoorey1 Premium
Hi Marian, great advice , it is good to live with an open mind and as for evolving all I have to do is look in the mirror each morning and find another wrinkle that has evolved, you know Marian what ever tech we will be using in 5 years time has not even been thought of yet, we are indeed in a head spin of change.
SStarrs Premium
Very interesting . Thanks for sharing .
vin8 Premium
You refresh my memories with your post, good article. Have a great day, Wayne-an old one.
KatieMac Premium
I have to say I always like this statement " fill the measure of your creation" I do pray but then i am quiet and wait for the moment of connection, for that time I feel at one with everything.. if you know what I mean
womo2015 Premium

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