Awakening of the Third Eye

Last Update: Oct 24, 2015


I am sorry for not blogging every day, like I said I would. I was hospitalized for 3 days to have rare test performed. I am back, now, so let's get started!

There can be many reasons that a person would wish to open up their 3rd Eye. Whether it might be for more spiritual reasons, curiosity or any other reason, there are ways to achieve this endeavor. Remember to keep in mind what you are getting into and the opening up of this "New World". Providing yourself with access to the link to other dimensions will change things forever - the way you view things and see the world, even the way you possibly relate to other people could be affected. Once the 3rd Eye is opened and knowledge is gained from other realms, there is no turning back or forgetting what you have seen and now know. Make a wise decision based on fair and neutral emotions before considering opening your 3rd Eye and make sure you are in a rational state of mind and not just acting on impulse.

Located on the center of the forehead is the Pineal Gland, which is considered to be dormant and inaccessible in a majority of the population...this is where the 3rd Eye is considered to be. A French philosopher has described this gland as "The Seat of the Soul", which we here interpret as meaning that this is where the Gateway of the Soul lies. Seeing what the soul sees in its own world; the connection of the soul and physical form working in unison and together with one another.

Meditation is a known means of decalcifying and awakening the Pineal Gland, but in order to add to speed and efficiency to this process, there are also changes you can make to your diet.

What Causes Pineal Gland Calcification?

1. Halides - Halides are chemical substances, usually in the form of fluoride, bromide and chlorine. These 3 have been linked to the calcification of the Pineal Gland and to be avoided. Chlorine can be found in swimming pools and immersing yourself in these pools for a long time may not be to your advantage, while fluoride can be found heavily in toothpaste and also in the tap water in selected areas. Make sure if your area is one of those who receive fluoride tap water and switch to a fluoride-free can always transform you swimming pool to a fresh water pool.

2. Calcium - Calcium is the number one cause of calcification especially if someone is taking calcium supplements.

3. Tap Water - Tap water not only contain fluoride but many have other substances that may work against the decalcification of your Pineal Gland. Stick to spring or distilled water.

4. Mercury - Mercury is a known harmful chemical and should be avoided. The most common place that mercury is found is through silver fillings, which can be replaced with less harmful material. Mercury is also used in manual thermometers and blood pressure apparatus. You can ask your doctor for a battery operated kind.

5. Pesticides - These synthetic chemicals are harmful to the human body and disrupt the endocrine system, of which the Pineal Gland is a part. Stay away from conventionally grown produce and stick to organic as much as you can!

6. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco - A diet that is free from these must be maintained for at least 2 months in order to have the proper body functionality and health that the Pineal Gland needs.

Foods to Decalcify the Pineal Gland

1. Cacao - Cacao - or raw chocolate as it is more commonly known, is a powerful antioxidant that has proven to work against the calcification of the Pineal Gland. And it taste great too.

2. Citric Acid - Citric acid works in the decalcification of your Pineal Gland, more specifically through lemons by ingesting 3 tablespoons a day - the perfect excuse for lemonade.

3. Garlic - Garlic is a known substance to boost the immune system and is also known for attacking and removing calcium from the body. Take in as much garlic as you can.

4. Raw apple cider vinegar - This contains a substance called malic acid which can help you decalcify your Pineal Gland. However, with this option, you will need to be careful. Make sure your vinegar is raw and that it is also in a solid glass bottles.

5. Oregano - Oregano contains a natural and organic antibiotic function that can destroy calcium.

6. Iodine - Iodine can be found in a lot of sea vegetables and has been used to remove the fluoride that gets built up in the Pineal Gland. Lugol's Iodine can also be used for this purpose.

7. Tamarind - Like Iodine, the tamarind fruit is also useful for removing fluoride from the body and Pineal Gland. Tamarind ensures that the fluoride is expelled through urine instead of getting reabsorbed by the body.

Follow these simple diet tips and you'll speed up the process of opening your 3rd Eye. By introducing these beneficial substances and foods into your routine and by removing the harmful substances and chemicals, you should be seeing progress in your Pineal Gland activation in no time.

Unfortunately, in this modern age with all the synthetic compounds and chemicals that have been introduced into the environment, the 3rd Eye gets calcified very early in our lives. It gets encased in inorganic compound to function like cement and close off this spiritual center from manifesting its true power in our lives. The exercise that we are about to introduce to you will help to change all that using the power of vibration.

Make sure that you read the instructions very carefully and follow them in order and exactly as they are!!

A specific chant accomplishes this process and needs to be done continuously for 3 days. Following this time, the process will become permanent and irreversible.

  • Practice correct vibration and pitch that is neither high nor too low.
  • Say the mantra "thoh" which is pronounced "toe".
  • Repeat the word over and over; you will need to experiment with varying levels of pitch and vibration before you begin. This mantra and its pronunciation will need to be perfect if you want the process to be done correctly. You will feel it when you reach the perfect tone. For some people, this tune comes naturally and in only a few minutes, others take much longer to understand.

1. Sit comfortably with your posture at ideal levels. Back straight.

2. Breathe in through only your nose, not exhaling right away and holding your breath in for as long as it remains comfortable.

3. Open your jaws ever so lightly so there is a small gap in between your top and bottom jaw.

4. Insert your tongue in this space making sure that it is not out completely.

5. Use your teeth to create pressure on your tongue, slight pressure only; do not cause yourself any pain.

6. Once everything is in place, release your breath while making the sound -

"t-t-o-o-t-t-h-h" Thoh slowly.

7. Mention this word for every release of air; make sure that you can feel your tongue vibrating and that you can feel the air moving in between your teeth.

8. You will know if this procedure is done correctly as besides the vibration in your tongue, you will also eventually begin to feel it in your cheeks and on other parts of your face, including the part of your forehead where your 3rd Eye is located.

9. If you do not feel any vibrations, don't worry. This feeling will not come right away. Continue the breathing exercises for a few more minutes.

10. After doing your breathing exercises 5 X in a row, you would have already begun to feel a slight tingling in your tongue as the feeling prior to a vibration. If you don't, you must be in the wrong position or using the wrong pronunciation.

11. Perform this exercise for 3 days with a Strict 24 Hour interval in between. With the correct pronunciation and procedure, you will stimulate the awakening of your Pineal Gland and accelerate the process immensely.

What to Expect

So, now that you have successfully done the procedure and you feel that your 3rd Eye is finally open or beginning to open, what new world have you opened yourself up to? What new experiences will you have? What would you expect from this new passage to another world now being available at your disposal?

1. One of the initial experiences that you can expect is a constant of often reoccurring headache with different intensities in the middle of your forehead that may feel like it is originating from within. This is a good sign, as it means that your 3rd Eye is beginning to awaken and your Pineal Gland is beginning to become less dormant. The severity of the headaches will depend on the level of dormancy your Pineal Gland is and on how enclosed your 3rd Eye is. It is recommended that the awakening procedure be done at convenient times when you do not have to go to work as these headaches can greatly affect performance.

2. When you finally get over your headaches, you should begin to feel a different sensation on your forehead. Some compare it to different sensation on your forehead. Some compare it to goosebumps while others compare it to that feeling when an area of your skin in numb and it comes in contact with something. Like the headaches, this feeling, this feeling will vary in intensity depending on the level of your 3rd Eye and how enclosed it was. This feeling is like a pushing or throbbing sensation could also follow the mild feeling and could last for the rest of the day, maybe even longer. There is also a chance that you might feel or hear the occurrence of sounds radiating from within your head such as cracking or popping sounds. These sounds are the final indication that the process is about to come full circle to completion and that your Pneal Gland is no longer dormant, your 3rd Eye is awake.

Additional Effects

Beside giving yourself the key to the gateway to new dimensions, you may also experience other additional effects to the opening of the 3rd Eye.

1. It may become easier and faster to learn new things and retain them.

2. You will experience a significant increase in the feeling of intuition.

3. Psychic abilities become stronger and in a short amount of time, you will begin to experience the 1st steps to your new life such as being able to see human auras.

4. The vision from your 3rd Eye begins to open up and you become clairvoyant.

5. Same as the above mentioned, your psychic hearing also begins to open up.

6. Feeling and touch also become more attuned to psychic natures same as hearing and vision.

Remember that this is a huge change to your life, which can affect not just your physical state, but your mental and spiritual self as well. With big changes such as this, it is not uncommon to have uncomfortable feelings that accompany the opening of your 3rd Eye. After it becomes completely opened, you may feel strange, sick or have re-occuring headaches. Allow yourself time to get used to your new state and do not be too hard on yourself.

Note also that as different as the severities of the symptoms are after performing the procedures, the occurrence of these also vary depending on every person. if you do not experience any symptoms, give yourself a few days before attempting to try again as some people achieve positive effects and gained opened 3rd Eye even without the occurrence of feeling any after effects such as the above mentioned.

As mentioned above, the body will need to become accustomed to the change brought on by the awakening of the 3rd Eye and the removal of Pineal Gland dormancy. After this is achieved, about 2 weeks after; a person may proceed with this 2nd awakening. It is important to wait at least 2 weeks before this procedure is performed even if you feel fine and used to the changes sooner.

This procedure places a person in a state of deep pleasure and happiness and, unlike the 1st procedure which was done daily, this procedure will need to be done once a week and promises effects that are far beyond anything you can ever possibly imagine.

1. Take in a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds.

2. Do this 3 times in total.

3. Doing these breathing exercises helps a person gain a deeper sense of relaxation and an improved state of focus.

4.If all was done correctly, the same pressure or pushing feeling felt in the 1st procedure should begin to be felt in the forehead area, which feels like it is coming from within the forehead.

5. Take another deep breath.

6. Similar again to the procedure explained in the first procedure, hold your breath until you can't hod it any longer, but ensure that it is until a point of comfort still.

7. Do the same jaw and teeth position as explained in the 1st procedure by creating a small gap in between rows of teeth and letting your tongue peek out a bit.

8. When you exhale, slowly let out the word "May" pronounced exactly as it is read and just like the month of the year.

9. Make sure that this word is released and let out as gradually and slowly as you can control.

10. Unlike in the 1st procedure as well, wherein the tone needs to be neutral and can not be high or low, this procedure requires a deeper tone.

11. Take a deep breath again and repeat the procedure 5 times.

12. To play it safe, begin with a neutral tone and begin decreasing your pitch to a deeper tone until you get it right. And you will know that you have got the right tone, as you will feel it in your forehead.

Remember: when releasing the vibrations for "May" and if you have the right tone, you will need to have correct tone in the chant. If the tone is correct you will feel it in your head, then this will radiate onto your forehead where your 3rd Eye is located. You will then feel that energy moves towards the mid portion of your brain, after this it should move to the part of your brain where your Crown chakra is located.

Recent Comments


I am not a red meat eater, nor do I drink or smoke, I also do not like processed foods I was brought up to have a balanced diet, I do have to take a calcium supplement as I have bit of deficiency and my bones are in need of it as for drugs I only take what I is necessary and prescribed for me, I enjoy walking it feels invigorating to and when I am somewhere quite surrounded by the creation I feel connected.. Glad you are out of hospital once more and hope your health is steadily improving

Marion, I haven't eaten red meat for years. I have never smoked, alcohol not for years, sugar I have avoided for the last year and a half. their may be a little in something, but I have been eating all fresh organic, and no caned food, turkey and very little chicken, not from markets but from a health food store. Exercise I do...
You said to avoid or no calcium, and things that have calcium in it. I take a mineral and multi vitamin, is that ok?
I feel you can do this 3rd eye in a good way spiritually.
Linda :))

The 3 eye is already open by any living form on this earth. Some people know about it some don't, and other do not like to know about it.
I cannot understand the warning about it, because of what we may will see or not?. The point is that the spiritual world never ever will allowing you to walk into something which can, or could harm you!
A diet is not bad at all, just do 3 days before you like to reopening , awakening your 3 eye or any other chakra point. A diet : no red meat, no alcohol no drugs etc. drinking a lot of water to stay grounded, thats it.
Exercise : Meditation, listening to music which will help to activate more the third eye. Mediums doing the same.

I've got some work to do if I'm going to get mime open. #6 Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco: Looks like I've got four battles to fight :S

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