Now working on a schedule again!

Last Update: June 30, 2015

Because of neglecting the business earlier on, I've decided that this week I would start working much more on my business and making at least two posts every day. So far, it's been going very well! I've been requesting at least one comment for each post and it's been bringing in a lot more.

I hope that within the next month or so I can finally receive my first paycheck from Amazon and hopefully continue making more revenue every month. I'm so excited! <3 you, WA.

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Larry_T Premium
Good plan and two post per day is a very reasonable goal too.
Labman Premium Plus
Always a good idea to schedule things. Make sure that whatever schedule you set is sustainable.

If that is posting twice a day so be it. But can you keep it up. Set one that is realistic for the long term.
MForgacs Premium
Even with school starting again in September, I should have enough time to keep up with the two posts each day. I can always write a lot during the weekend then schedule it for the weekdays. It's what I did sometimes back when I made YouTube videos. Very efficient.