Update and New Endeavor

Last Update: January 13, 2020

First The Status Update

As many of you know, I was a little behind last week in meeting my goals. I'm pleased to announce that I got all caught up and an on target once more.

It's challenging balancing life and business at times but, if you work toward your goals, it can be done.

I hit all last week's goals and now they're renewed for this week. Here's the list:

  • Write One Post on WA - That's this post.
  • Research Two Keywords Per Website - That's six in total and is in progress.
  • Flesh Out Two Article Frameworks Per Website - Again, six in total and in progress.
  • Publish One Article Per Website - That's three total and is in progress.
  • Help Out Five Members Daily (Monday-Friday) - A total of 25 via Live Chat and answering posted questions. This one is in progress.
  • Share A Post From WA On Facebook - Done.
  • Leave Six Site Comments Daily If Possible (Monday-Friday) - A total of 30, assuming that there are that many requested. In progress.

Now The New Endeavor

Again, many of you know that I've been working on a membership site lately. It's going well but now I need to grow my user base. As such I'm adding a contest on the site to inspire the current members to share it with others and encourage them to sign up.

To that end I wrote a review of a niche-related service, that I actually like quite a bit, last week. Now that the review has been published, the contest will reward the member that refers the most, active (no email sing ups just to boost the numbers), members to the site in a specified period with a subscription to that service.

The service is actually offered in three levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum). They also come in monthly and annual options. The way I envision this contest is to take the total number of new users, from all members, into account when determining the prize.

Now, these are just example numbers, as I haven't figured out exactly what the cut-offs will be but here's what I was thinking:

1-49 New Members - 1 Month of Silver

50-99 New Members - 1 Month of Gold

100-249 New Members - 1 Month of Platinum

250-499 New Members - 1 Year of Silver

500-999 New Members - 1 Year of Gold

1000+ New Members - 1 Year of Platinum

Then, if I have a tie, I might give two of the lower tier offering (i.e. 1000+ New Members but 2 winners would get 1 Year of Gold each, etc.). Even if the winner already subscribes to the service, I would just add the prize to their current subscription, extending it.

What do you think? Assuming you were an angel investor, would offering the reviewed service, which is a due diligence service that vets investment options, as a prize be an incentive for you to share the site with others and get them to join?

Let me know what you think.

At any rate, I'm adding the following to this week's goals list:

  • Work out the specifics for the contest, make this week's post about the contest and officially kick it off.

Thanks for reading,


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Tmgreen Premium Plus
I don't know the specifics of the different levels. People will work harder to do things like that for something of significant value.

That's great on your goals. I've not hit mine for a couple weeks due to being down with pnemonia. I'm feeling better this week. Mine are as follows.

1. Write 3 articles for my SAC site
2. Come up with 7 new keywords.
3. Research new KWs
4. Help 3 ppl each day
5. Write 1 WA post
6. Create 3 new videos and include in posts.
7. Update 6 older posts.

Need to catch up on things.

Good luck with your new site.


merlynmac Premium
Nice goals. I'm glad you're feeling better. Sick is no fun.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
You are so full of motivation, Scott!! Thanks for your inspiring message!!

merlynmac Premium
Thanks! Just plugging along, LOL.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
That's the best way to do it!!
Joes946 Premium
Scott, great post, great goals and great success.
LenkaSophie Premium
Thanks for sharing!
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my dear friend, as you will know when you do what we do we're always going to get behind here and there however, we always come back being in control. I congratulate you for bringing it all back in order, it only tells me you're doing what you know you must do, hip hip hooray for you.
merlynmac Premium
Thank you.