Just Another Status Update

Last Update: December 24, 2019

There's Not Much To Report But...

So, as many of you know, I've recently started a membership website, angelpowwow.com. It's taken a lot of my focus and my other two sites have suffered a little because of it. That said, the site is fully functional now and even has a few members.

I've recently joined the Angel Investing community and found it quite exciting and interesting. One thing I discovered was that there's no real community site for sharing, networking and so on. That's what my site is all about.

I'm also a member of an Angel Investing website, Angels and Entrepreneurs, and even host their monthly Virtual Chapter Meetings. It's actually a great option that allows me to network and share my new site with members.

At any rate, now that the site is up and running and all the features are in place and working, I will turn my focus to content and start publishing posts once again, for all of my sites.

Goal Updates

Well, if you read the section above, you know I haven't been hitting my usual goals. Now that the new site is good to go, that's going to change and my goals will be returning to normal.

Starting next week (the holidays are killing me this week) here's what's on the agenda:

  • Research two high-quality keywords per site (six total).
  • Break down my articles for the week (i.e. flesh out the Title, Headings, etc. - three total).
  • Help out five members each day via Live Chat and responding to questions (twenty-five total).
  • Publish one quality post per website (three total).
  • Publish one post here at WA (like this one).
  • Share one post from WA on my Facebook profile.
  • Leave six site comments per day using the Site Comments tool (thirty total).
  • Request site comments for each post I publish.
  • Resume my SAC training.

I think, for now, three sites are going to keep me pretty busy.

Now It's Your Turn

So, what are your goals this week (or next if you're too busy with holiday stuff like I am)?


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Lydia19 Premium
Hello Scott. The only goal that I have for the coming week is to give as much love as I can to my 102 years old mom who lives in West Palm Beach Florida. I am dedicating as much time as I can to her. Everything else can wait till tomorrow .
After the holidays I will run as fast I can to get to the top. Thank you for asking. It’s encouraging !
merlynmac Premium
That's totally understandable and commendable. Family first!
Lydia19 Premium
Thank you for understanding!
ExpatMark Premium
Great goals Scott. I cannot believe I am saying this but I am ready to get back into a routine. These holidays are just a bit too much for this entrepreneur. Glad the site is rocking. I got a lot of my sticking points to a membership site taken care of and it is full steam ahead. Will be picking your brain soon. Thanks and you guys get ready for a Prosperous New Year.
megawinner Premium
I have 5 sites and trimmed them to two. Better to focus on one site or two. The lesser the better, my opinion.
timstime20 Premium
Good agenda
Tmgreen Premium Plus
Wow. Yeah, 3 sites should keep you more than busy.

I've managed to get 2 posts out this week and help a few folks out here at WA. That's about it for Christmas week. Family has kept me quite busy along with kids being sick with strep and flu. Looks like they're all feeling pretty good now and waiting on Santa. Thank the Lord for antibiotics!

My goals following Christmas and cleanup are:

1. Research 12 new quality keywords.
2. Create 3 videos.
3. Post 3 articles
4. Do 2 site comments or feedback per day.
5. Help 2 people each day.
6. Post on my WA blog (need to work on this one).

Happy Holidays,

merlynmac Premium
Great goals!

I'll follow up with you next week to see how you held up.