Writer's cramp AKA the blank page syndrom

Last Update: July 21, 2018

You've got a GREAT idea you want to write about!

Hmmmm.... where to start....

It's NOT always obvious how to start writing the content for your next post about that great idea.

Oh that dreaded blank screen!

Here are some queues you can use to help you get less of those blank screen syndroms :-)

- Go step by step
- Make an arborescence of what you want to talk about
- make a draft
- Carry around a little notepad and pen
- Take notes
- Take breaks, when you're on something else, very often you'll get "pop ups" about your text :-)

- Take notes

I'll add more to this as my "pop ups" appear ;-)

Your comments and additional guides to help against writer's cramp are welcome :-)

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DianeWehi Premium
Yes the dreaded blank screen!
I have just started to have pen and paper close now.
It does help big time.
Thank you for sharing your tips.

Di :)
merlinregis Premium
Your tricks and tips are welcome too! :-)
mhmh Premium
Right! Staring at a blank screen is the worst thing we can do.
Mhillabold Premium
Thank you for the post really helps.
merlinregis Premium
Thanks! Glad you like it :-)
TANYA1916 Premium
Thank you so much for this post! This is exactly what I needed! I’m in the process of adding my first content and drawing a blank on exactly what I want to convey on my page! This post assured me I’m not alone and will be ok just put thought into it and write it out! Thanks again!