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Being regularly on the live chat, I too often see similar questions to this one- Cancel my membership- Can I jump a payment and continue next month?- 50$/month is too expensive for my budget- I can't afford to pay that much- Why is it so expensive?And I could continue on and on for long. :-(Just a short and PARTIAL calculation : You get 25 free site hostings when you go premium. Then you get 25 more web sites hosted in link to a domain name. Forget about the free siterubix sites, JUST with the
Sometimes people want to be all over the place:- Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, etc...- Blogs like Blogger, (not to confuse with the WP platform we have here), etc...And so on- And, OBVIOUSLY, on their web siteIt IS a good idea to try to be as visible as can be, but you've got to put some structure in what you do IF you want to do it RIGHT. ;-)Consider the internet like roads :- social networks are like highways, people come and go fast, they barely overlook
You've got a GREAT idea you want to write about!Hmmmm.... where to start.... It's NOT always obvious how to start writing the content for your next post about that great idea.Oh that dreaded blank screen! Here are some queues you can use to help you get less of those blank screen syndroms :-)- Go step by step- Make an arborescence of what you want to talk about- make a draft- Carry around a little notepad and pen- Take notes- Take breaks, when you're on something else, very often you'll get "po
INTROThere are TONS of questions being asked everyday on the live chat.There are TONS of blogs that pop up when you search for them in the search bar. Some are GREAT answers, some are other people asking the same question.I'll try here to gradually make this blog the MOST COMPLETE Q & A guide to WA! :-)NOTE : This is a growing work of art :-P Come back often to see the updatesHow to quickly find our answers hereThe following table will have numbers to the questions and their answers. To avo
Groupe d'entraide en FRANCAIS=============================Bonjour à tou(te)s.Vu le nombre grandissant de membres WA qui sont francophones, j'ai eu l'idée de créer ce blog pour nous permettre d'avoir de l'aide en français. Pour l'instant, les articles d'aide sont tous en anglais, mais si nous nous entraidons régulièrement ici, et que l'achalandage croît, Il y a de fortes possibilités que nous ayons notre propre section d'aide dans la langue
June 21, 2018
NOTE : Je parle aussi couramment #français, si ça peut t'aider ;-)Groupe d'entraide en FRANCAISHello,You're just starting on WealthyAffiliate DOT com ? Btw, here, we shorten it to WA. Let me start by welcoming you to a community of people who are all here, just like you, to build and grow a profitable business on the web.I'm still just a "newbie" here. Honestly, I think I'll always be, since I keep on learning everyday. :-)I'll make this post short, but I think it should be clear
June 16, 2018
OK!I've been here for a few months now. I think it's about time that I tell you a bit more about myself.I never know what to put when it's time to put up a Bio. I'll just put what I think might tell you more about me.If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.Born and raised in Sept-Iles, QC, Canada, a city that used to have close to 50 000 souls in the strong 70s years, and dropped down to less than half of that in the early 80s crisis.My mother tongue is French, but I've done all of my
April 07, 2018
OK! Just upgraded! So now I've got 30 days to see up to where I can bring this!
April 02, 2018
2018-04-03 : Starting with WA. Ready to put time on it, but is WA ready to provide me enough content for me to REALLY make money?So WELCOME TO Merlin's "Pubs"! Why Pub? Simply because it's the short for publicity and it's a friendly place to be in! :-)I'll try to post most of my content bilingual, English and French. So bare with me please. We'll see with time if I keep both languages, drop one, or if I decide to go with a bilingual interface.=====Je démarre avec WA. Prêt à