Quick comparison between sites, social medias and blogs

Last Update: July 22, 2018

Sometimes people want to be all over the place:

- Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, etc...
- Blogs like Blogger, WordPress.com (not to confuse with the WP platform we have here), etc...
And so on
- And, OBVIOUSLY, on their web site

It IS a good idea to try to be as visible as can be, but you've got to put some structure in what you do IF you want to do it RIGHT. ;-)

Consider the internet like roads :

- social networks are like highways, people come and go fast, they barely overlook your post, you need to attract their attention QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY
- blogs (like elsewhere, where you don't do reviews) are like boulevards, people still go fast, but at least they have a bit more time to see what you put there
- your WA site : like the little residential streets where people take the time to go slowly and see (almost) all of what you put there ;-)

How to proceed :

- Start by building your site
- Once you have a good quantity and quality of content, THEN start going on other blogs (boulevards) and social networks (highways)

As always, your comments and addons to my post are welcome ;-)

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RBenak1 Premium
Thanks a lot for the comparison. I needed this.
merlinregis Premium
Glad to have helped! :-)
mhmh Premium
Thank you for the analogies. Right now, it looks as if most of my networking has to come from WA.
merlinregis Premium
You're welcome :-)
kjdahlin Premium
It can't be any clearer, you have done your best to define it thank you for the information.

merlinregis Premium
My pleasure! :-)
GailForce Premium
I agree with all of your metaphors! To build your visibility, you must put a strong foundation in place with your website. Then move on to adding social media and networking. Not all networking avenues will fit your niche. Therefore, it's not necessary to be everywhere at once.
merlinregis Premium
I tend to partially disagree though with the part that you don't need to be everywhere.

Yes, SOME networks are aimed at a particular niche that won't necessarilly fit with yours, but those are rather rare compared to the quantity of generalized networks all over the place.

Remember that FB does NOT have everyone in it. NOR does G+ or whatever other networks you join. And some of the much smaller ones are hiding "hidden gems" that are just NOT attracted to big networks and just waiting to read you ;-)

I like to work with extensions or apps that once you post on one site, they automatically share to another ;-)