My Super Affiliate Challenge Update

Last Update: May 19, 2019

Ok, it's been a hectic month, but at least I have managed to finish most of the tasks on the list for the Super Affiliate Challenge. Working a full time job, even though I am self employed and running a couple of websites at the same time is not easy, but thank goodness for Sundays when I can catch up for the week.

My Progress So Far

I have done twelve posts, updated my WA Review and also updated two old posts.

Unfortunately I have not always had time to spend five minutes each day helping out on the platform, and sometimes when I did stop by, I couldn't always answer the questions.

The other thing I have been bad with is posting a blog post here within the platform each week. This is unfortunately my first one since the challenge started. I am not the best communicator in the world and tend to rather spend time writing a few articles for my other blogs so that they could continue to make sales for me as they have been doing.

So now at the end of the first month, I have finally got around to breathing and posting my first blog post here in absolutely ages.

I am still not 100 percent comfortable with using Canva and I will keep working on my logo as not yet fully satisfied with it, but what I have will do for now.

This month by adding 12 new articles, my organic traffic has gone up a bit and I have had one new free member join, so this boost in content must be helping. Yesterday I got R50 in revenue from Adsense on that site which is the highest ever from this site in a day, so that was very encouraging.

Also having an established site means that the content is getting ranked on Google a lot quicker than it used to, so this is very encouraging.

Why I Joined This Challenge

I have been a member of this wonderful platform for almost four years now, but have never completed the bootcamp. I moved all my half baked websites here four years ago and have focused on two or three of them, as those were my hobby websites and I loved doing them.

I realise I am leaving a lot of money on the table by not promoting WA enough, and that is why I decided to start concentrating on my Profit Online From Home Website a bit more.

Luckily the site is already set up and I currently have 276 posts on it, so it has been a matter of writing fresh content and updating old content which isn't ranking at all. Still have quite a few old articles to fix up that have no keyword research put into them. I know if I improve the quality of my articles, I should be getting far more visitors.

My traffic on this website is not too bad considering the amount of work I do on it. I presently get between 100 and 300 visitors a day, but most of the revenue on this website is from Adsense and not from what could be Wealthy Affiliate referrals.

My main aim through this challenge is to get more referrals on a regular basis, as recurring income is any internet marketers dream.


I am still super excited to see what lies ahead and I will do my best to complete this challenge as best I can. I am really enjoying seeing the growth and the improvement of my website as well as researching new articles to write.

I hope everyone else on the challenge is on target and I can't wait to see what month 2 holds in store.

Onwards and upwards folks!

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jetrbby80316 Premium
Great work, Mergie. Part 2 will be even better!
Tipqmon11 Premium
Congrats on your progress...Great Job
FKelso Premium
Glad you are finding the SAC a helpful challenge. i find I get more done because it keeps me focused, so that is great. Good luck to you, moving forward.
mergie1 Premium
That it definitely does.
Nadia27 Premium
I hope month 2 will be less hectic. Well done!