At last! I have completed my third lesson on Choose a Niche

Last Update: February 05, 2019

I was thinking about health and supplements, which give us an opportunity to help us to support our brain and liver, not only on that but also food supplements that helps to support muscle growth and hormone stabilization.

Because most people in my country hopes so much on doctor prescription.

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Ahimbe Premium
Now that you have acquired your target, "aim and shoot". I wish you the best.
memercorey Premium
Hahaha! Sounds interesting to me! Now I'm learning to hold a gun before aiming and shooting. As my gun is not stable yet.
DaleMaz Premium
Nootropics are huge right now but be warned that health and supplements could be a difficult niche to break into. However if you go through the training very carefully, skip no steps and think outside the box in your keyword research Im sure you could do great.

I cant wait to see your progress.

memercorey Premium
Wow! Thanks for sharing about Nootropics, is it drugs or something?

Well thanks again for advice about supplements, i was thinking about marketing in Protein Powder as well as other products like Fish oil and stuff like that which helps people to stay active in GYM, as they requires the amount of daily macro nutrients to meet their daily intake.

I don't know, just give it a try and see how it would be, will share my progress to you soon.