Major Frustration Today

Last Update: June 29, 2018

I was going along fine and getting into my groove with writing. I loved using a plugin known as EasyAzon to instantly add my affiliate link to the product pictures on my website. It worked wonderfully for about 10 months. Yesterday, I noticed that NONE of my affiliate pictures and links were showing up on my website. Ack!!

I contacted EasyAzon's support and they gave me a few things to do. Uninstall plugins, reinstall plugins. It didn't fix the problem.

I contacted Wealthy Affiliate's site support. OMG! It was wonderful how quickly they responded. However, I feel like I'm speaking a different language to this person. I asked about one problem and they responded with something useless. I'm so disappointed with site support. I wanted to log a complaint, but couldn't figure out where. Seems like it would just go to site support.

Well, I can manually go through and swap out the links, download new photos, add them and hyperlink them to my affiliate link on all 189 posts. It should only take a few days.

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muhsayy Premium
I understand and feel your frustration. However, please understand that because of the variety of plugins we use, we cannot take out our frustrations on site-support when they can't always make things go right, especially when we are aware of the cause of our problem. Apparently, from your explanation, the cause of your frustration is an outdated plugin, In such a case, find a similar plugin and replace it.or find out how to fix it. Google, Google, and Google some more. The answer is out there. I will help you search, if you want.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Melinda,
Know how you feel when frustrated. Had a frustrating morning. Did something most people would think impossible, I downloaded my entire phone onto my laptop when all I wanted to do was download a photo. Grrrr. Am I the only stupid old duck around.
melindac Premium
Grrr...It will work out. It is forcing me to revisit all the pages that I have created and update them. I just want to keep creating more content, but updating older posts is important too.
Internetgranny Premium
No, you are not alone, Jill. You've got at least me as your twin :-)
MKearns Premium
Sometimes with site support + Ur ingenuity, you can work wonders!
melindac Premium
Well, they are alerting me to other potential issues without solving the one at hand, so hopefully I'll fix it.
newmarketpro Premium
I think this is due to the conflicting urls of your site and the images uploaded on the site.
I believe your site has SSL activated. But I can see the error message mentioned about there is an image with http:// url.

Did you upload image using url instead of uploading it to your server? If that is the case, can you try finding an image and see if the url is http:/ or https://
melindac Premium
Thanks for the response. I corrected that issue. I took that url out of the sidebar. It still isn't working. I'm emailing support for EasyAzon again. Not sure what they'll tell me is wrong next.
Frantically redoing the pictures. Ugh...
RTodd1 Premium