Getting in the Groove of Blogging

Last Update: July 02, 2018

So, I've found my blogging groove. At first, I tried doing three times per week and somehow I would slack off more at that time. I set a goal to blog daily and I found that really stressful. However, giving myself the weekends off to clean up my blog posts and generate new ideas has helped me find my groove.

One thing that I'm struggling with though is checking my ranking. I have almost 200 blog posts (created over 10 months) and I don't check them to see what ranking they are getting. Does anyone have a system for checking their blog post rankings?

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MKearns Premium
That's great progress, Melinda!
dchapman3 Premium
I have set a goal of 4 post per week and do training (boot camp). Seems to work ok, but I feel I need to do more.
melindac Premium
I often feel like I need to do more, but consistency over time matters more, I think.
You could do more social media engagement if you don't want to do more writing. You'll find your groove. I'm sure of it! Best wishes!