One month experience in WA

Last Update: May 03, 2015

Starting off with a free account for 7 days, I tried to jammed pack my brain with information from WA as I hope I could learn as much as I can and start my website without wanting to sign up for premium at the first place. (I'm not from US and I'm quite concern on the US currency rate in my country which is fluctuating very high this year). However, I failed and lost to WA as the information here is loaded and I couldn't catch up to that speed with the large community who are contributing in each classrooms, training, blogs, chats and activities. I stopped myself from continuing like this way and asked myself, "What do I really want?"

1. To touch surface of learning website building and continue to do it myself? or

2. To join WA as a premium member and continue to learn to grow my website?

Of course I would hope to have a progressive growth of my website in order to have a better success in my life. Therefore, I have to think beyond future and not only think about present now. My previous attempt in becoming success online didn't work out well as I gave up when I didn't get the necessary help that I required during my struggles. In WA, a lot of my queries were being untangled even during my 7 days free trial (I was being skeptical at that moment, can WA really do a good job?) WA did proof me wrong and I made my decision to become a premium member. I slow down my pace a little to make myself understand better but try to fully utilize the 1 month bonus period to set up my website (US currency rate is still a concern to me even until now but is slightly better).

1 month Accomplishment so far...

Get my domain name > Building my website > Set up WordPress Pages and Posts > Written few of Pages and Posts > Did few Keyword Research > etc


(There is still a lot to improve and hope to get honest feedback and comment if possible)

There is so much to learn even at this moment and I believe everyone is still learning and exploring something new too. I couldn't afford to pay at a yearly membership but I would like to say that it is worth to continue on the monthly basis at this moment. Every business do need a start up model and considering WA member as a platform for creating my business is my choice.

Future Accomplishment

From this month on, I would like to brush up on my website contents, adding posts to my website and continue with Affiliate Bootcamp Course 2. Last but not least, the past month I was busy going through courses and lesson, I did not participate much in socializing in WA community. Sorry to those comment that I missed out in replying. I will try to do my best to help other new members in answering question and participate in WA community.

For those who join WA around this same period as me, how is your experience so far here after 1 month? Hope you are all doing great as well!

Wish everyone in WA can all strive for success and achieve their dreams!

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danbarth87 Premium
Glad you are doing so great!
meitinb Premium
Thank danbarth87. Wishing you all the best too.
Strap Premium
Looks like you are making some great progress. Keep following the lessons and GOOD LUCK
meitinb Premium
Hi Strap. Thanks! Same to you. You are in top 100! How long have you been with WA?