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Starting off with a free account for 7 days, I tried to jammed pack my brain with information from WA as I hope I could learn as much as I can and start my website without wanting to sign up for premium at the first place. (I'm not from US and I'm quite concern on the US currency rate in my country which is fluctuating very high this year). However, I failed and lost to WA as the information here is loaded and I couldn't catch up to that speed with the large community who are contributing in eac
April 06, 2015
I'm finally a Premium Member. WA really does provide excellent support to solve questions & doubts to create an online business. I can't wait to get on going with the next lesson. Let's success together!
It is my 5th day joining WA. I have already made small progress with the Get Started Here training. It is really great to able to complete few task which is required in each lessons. A website has already been created after finishing lesson 10. As now I'm browsing thru the Affiliate Bootcamp, I'm eager to promote WA as well. There is still a lot to learn and the information provided by WA is really informative. Will do my best to complete all the task, lessons, asking question when in doubt and
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