I shall return

Last Update: August 10, 2020

“I shall return”

Can you decipher the words I say? Can you read between the line?

“I shall return”

The measure by which we become victorious is our courage to act and change.

To keep the momentum, keep going. To keep going, keep moving. And keep moving on the right direction to the right goal. Trust me it is not easy.

I saw the gravity of the work at hand, time ate even the rest at night. I reckon this endeavor must have its fruit or it would be just a useless exercise of wasting time.

Without changing the panoramic view, you may not find the one you really want.

“I shall return”

How clear and sure the maps by which the journey should begin and where it would end – depends on the captain of the ship who handles the steering wheel.

Maneuvering towards chosen destination needs solid strength and courage to keep it on to the correct course.

For there are numerous tempting “ports” of distraction along the journey. The wisdom to act and throw what is dangerous and useless ones especially things on the ships requires immediate decision. The sooner they are thrown out the better the journey becomes. They are unnecessary burden they are like addiction needing radical solution.

“I shall return”

To see the whole thing ahead, sheds a clear light on how we are to be living our lives in the present. The great warriors should not return until victory is carried with him. There is nothing to be wasted from hence.

“I shall return”

Correct action is needed to destroy the three headed “vicious monsters” lurking behind the mind. The growing fear, doubt and worry.

Their growth will ultimately devour the last remaining stronghold if action is not taken to the right direction. That is the main thing, the journey must take or waste more time in the life line given to us on earth. No more lingering, no more.

“I shall return”

We will feel the strength of our potential in the action we are pursuing. The shades of every illusion are too strong. They are almost like the real thing. But not all that appear to be the real thing are useful, including the shining glorious victory of a video game and the like.

The problem of human heart is its deceit, ego and pride. It dwells where it is nurtured and sprinkled with the cape and badge of a status that will not bring you anywhere but self-destruction or at least a broken dream.

In order to escape, you need to change course and run away from it so that your journey begins and the wrong one ends

Stop being a worker of others, start being your own master. You do not quit 9-5 jail to be jailed by others 24/7. Unless we shed off that employee mentality you cannot be your own employer. You will remain like a slave who needs a master.

“I shall return”

In any give situation, correct action spells victory. Great man perhaps started kicking out the "monsters" attached in his soul and the finality of his decision to move forward to where his greatness belong are the way to success.

Win or lose., march or die, keep going hoping before the final day we would have finally actualized of what we truly wished to be.

A man should have the courage to look the monsters in the eye until they become but dusts on his feet.

Strive to be the man you wanted to be, and live the old one behind with respect.

Be strong enough to know when and why you are weak and brave enough to face the reasons of your fear and stronger and braver enough to cause the monsters kneel before you.

Be unbending in failure, grow wiser from learning the lessons overcome the setback to embrace victory, no matter how long it would take you - but you should have your hands full of it.

Hold dearer whatever is humility and gentleness in the soul as a reserved arsenals for the never ending challenges ahead.

“I shall return”

So long, I shall return, said my friend. Remember me by the success I achieved and the decision I made to achieve more.

Let me borrow the words of one great General, ‘I shall return, I am not retreating – I am advancing in another direction.

I am myself is in a metamorphosis of becoming...

When my heart is down-and-out, I seek refuge in my soul. I accept who I am. I regain strength in the loving care of my 3 friends (correct self-belief, positive attitude and right mindset).

Know yourself is not enough, control yourself. Understand you need to do it before you can win and give something away.

Come out like a beautiful flower in full bloom even in the barren field or a crevice of the city pavement - victorious vibrant and complete

“I shall return”

The knowledge that I had learned had left me with an intent to return. But I shall take myself to where I must belong.

This has been over me trickling continually in tiny droplets of realization spread over months and year. And each trickle - the worry, the fear and the doubt wishing me to stay the way I am, and when I do, these three monsters have grown even bigger.

I could not let myself to be devoured alive in front of my eyes. Hence, I will run over them and I will run away and make my life the way I have been doing – going forward, upward and towards the destiny I chose for my elf.

“I shall return”

To keep our motivation is a daily task, but if the dream is stronger than your doubt and comfort zone, motivation becomes not a task but a relentless perseverance. How great it will be if you have done so on the right track to your goals.

If what you want does not synchronize with what you do – depression is sure to come your way.

I reckon motivation can get you through your task from A to B. Willpower and determination can take you from A to Z. Passion and perseverance will take you everywhere.

I shall return

To keep the momentum you must keep going. To keep going, you must keep moving. And keep moving on the right direction to the right goal. Trust me it is not easy.

This is but part of a journey, anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

When you are passionate with what you are doing an hour seems like a second. When you realized you are not going anywhere because of some sort of trap it becomes a heavy burden and a second seems like a long time. I realized it is wise to solve this challenge. In the future it would be wiser avoiding it.

Prioritize your priorities, do not work for someone especially if it is for free unless if it is for charity.

“I shall return”

A person who take action without a plan is lousy, plan without action is for a lazy man.

If we exactly know what we are doing, there is a great conservation of time.

I have no special brain and talent, I achieved things with passion and perseverance. And I am pretty sure I will achieve my other little dreams eventually.

In our endeavor, the point is not only to know but to understand.

I shall not pursue success for success’ sake I shall pursue it to be able to share and help others much more than before.

“I shall return”

The important thing is DO NOT STOP. Forget humps and challenges, run over them and keep going. Traps and hurdles have their reasons for existence, it is for the thinking man to grow stronger and wiser and humbler. One cannot let pride, deceit and ego inside lead us to traps and misses.

It leads us to realize the seriousness of being focused and resolved where willpower, passion and perseverance are always needed to check our hearts beat on success.

Perseverance, passion and willpower are the three gifts of 3 friends (correct self-belief, positive attitude and right mindset). It is enough if one understand this to help him reach his chosen destiny. It is the only way not to let destiny choose for you

The life we are in is by and large the result of our thought processes and the attitude that went with it. It cannot be altered without changes in our thoughts and attitude.

"I shall return"

I love creating poems, my passion in meditation on life gives its appearance in verses but verses cannot feed the stomach, it only feeds the soul. I must take my journey seriously like a meditation and like my ultimate bread and butter.

I am not sure what will happen to me if I stay the same in what I am doing, what I know is I won’t get my dreams.

Our open mind has always faced unsavory ideas from foolish ones.

Our fall has nothing to do with the outside force but the force that is inside us

The line by which a man of purpose thrive is the ability to go to another line in order to keep his purpose alive and strong

It takes me to count the cost much longer so that I can reach my destination much shorter.

I share these thoughts with you to spare you from taking time to arrive at the same answer.

After all, the main enemy is always what is within us. If you can control yourself and direct yourself to the right direction you are more than a conqueror, you are the epitome of what every member of our community wanted to become.

“I shall return.”

“Remember me my friend with a smile. Thank you.”

Best Regards,


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Suzay Premium Plus
Florentino, what a magnificent gift you have given us. At some point we will all be making this journey, when our old life sheds away because the new life we are growing into is so much greater. So compelling is it's call to the soul who yearns for it's full manifestation.
And where ever it takes you, you will return because your heart is so intricately entwined into ours! There really is only one heart of hearts you know. It has a recirculating pump, just like the heart in our bodies. Yup, you'll return. What did Fran Kelso put in her Alaska video? Ah, here it is "When No is not an option, the difference between try and triumph is a little umph!

Leaving the light on over here for you to help guide you back to your WAy home, praying for you to find everything you need, and your heart's desire, plus a more than a few miracles along the way.

You will do well! And so glad you will return, thank you for making me a better person, and you are so focused, so inspiring, the things I'm not and need help with. See Twack's last post and I'm writing back to him about Borax. Haha Ha!

Your forever friend, Suzay
megawinner Premium
Thank you, my dear friend. I will remember your good words. I appreciate you, reading my thoughts.
Suzay Premium Plus
There is meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveler.
Dietrich Bonhaeffer - 1906-1945 - Pastor
megawinner Premium
I agree. Thereis a purpose for everything. Thanks again my dear friend.
favorme Premium
Wow, Megawinner, this is loaded!
For me, I can interpret the "I shall return " in so many many ways.
But for now, let it be an encouragement and a positive affirmation that we all shall return to our WHYs. Once we do and hold unto such vision, we will not lose our motivation, no matter the discouraging signs.
megawinner Premium
Amazing! Thank you, Sara.
JBrown10 Premium
I shall return, the statement it self says it all. From the time we are born we are programed to be what society has set forth. It is difficult for many of use to break free and live as we feel is in our best interest. From what I have seen of you, you have the courage, strength, and knowledge to move in any direction you choose.
Always stay true to yourself.

Best wishes,

James B
megawinner Premium
I accept on what you said to me. And I will keep. Thank you for your great words, James.
Joes946 Premium
Just remember Florentino, you will know if we you don’t test our wings. Flap your wings!
megawinner Premium
True. I will keep your words of wisdom. Thank you, Joe.
Ervido1 Premium
Gen Doug was a great man, you are following big footsteps. I think I'll just get in line. Thanks for the uplift.
megawinner Premium
Thanks for your good words. We should emulate people of substance. Have a great day.
Ervido1 Premium
AMEN, same to,you and, family
megawinner Premium
Thanks, Paul.