Have A Great Day, WAmily. (9 WAys how to have a great day)

Last Update: August 07, 2020

Our thoughts and our action is the connecting line to having a great feel of the day. Everything is only in the mind. So let us greet each other like – Have a great day WAmily!

The quality of our lives remain in the flow of our thoughts. Ever wonder positive and optimistic people have smiley faces and cool demeanors.

Because their thoughts are cheerful and filled with great anticipations.

Creating positive courses of actions towards a great day. Have a great day, WAmily! One of the reasons why I am hanging around in our community is to share with you a great day.

And immerse myself with the positive vibes of everyone (well, almost everyone) enhancing and giving me a great day as well. And WHAT GREAT DAYS THEY HAVE BEEN!

Again have a great day, my WA family!

Let’s greet everyone a great day, we should, remember that just saying good words for someone creates a great good will and positive vibes. How to get a great day – every day? Here are the sure ways…

How to Have a Great Day?

1. Right Mindset

Remember everything is only in the mind. Same situations different approaches y millions of people because it is dictated by our mind where our thoughts direct the action we are going to take. Others have difficulties of doing the right thing even though they know their way of thinking is right but they lack good attitude and correct self-belief Either they have bad attitude low or high self-beliefs. We need to have these first three numbers unity. The secret of life is in a balance. We need to balance all in one harmonious application.

2. Good attitude

Good attitude is articulately explained by Khalil Gibran, ”Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

Good attitude has a lot to do to our success. Right mindset is like a great chairman who needs a good CEO that is the good attitude, to execute his thoughts.

3. Correct Self-beliefs

Self-belief is why we keep going because we know we will win. This is aptly said by the following great men…

“If you’re not failing every now and again. It’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative. – Woody Allen.

I’ve failed over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan.

I am the greatest, I said that even before I was. – Muhammad Ali.”

4. Proactive action

take action, you must move and do the right thing every time .To achieve greatness, you got to be at 100 percent on your work putting in the time and effort. Proactive action is

“A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.” – Henrik Ibsen

“Action is the foundational key for all success.” – Pablo Picasso

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Teresa

Proactive means creating your own opportunities, and act, not react!

5. Prayer

It is the most powerful way to create a great day.

6. Focus on winning

Achieve your outcome ASAP if you want to succeed in life first we should know our purpose. If you want to have a business growth mindset, you must become self-aware and understand your purpose. Focus on winning is not about getting money alone, there is winning on your self -control, discipline and harmony.

7. Know yourself

Become self-aware and understand your purpose. Self-awareness has the power to align your will and humility, with winning the game of life you entered yourself into.

8. Find your passion

When you are passionate on things you are doing, you would feel you are never working.

And it is up to you how you would paint the day in your mind.

From the painting perspective of impressionism or cubism or Chiaroscuro,

From the perspective of attitude such as anything goes, or routine or nothing to do day.

A great day starts from within. Have you ever make things otherwise?

You cannot smile and laugh out loud truly when within you are like a scrambled egg and mixed potato (Not the noun but the adjective are the keywords.)

9. Do not be judgmental

What creates a messy day is when you keep looking on to something that annoy and irritate you. It is amazing how to have a great day in this world if we can just get past people different from our like "dressing the way we want them to dress.”

Our thoughts must learn, unlearn, and relearn a lot of things.

One of the ways to get a great day is your thoughts should dictate the kind of day you will have.

Your thoughts can create all the actions you require to feel hopeful and strong because without taking action on what really matters you will feel worried, to say the least..

You will just be going round and round circles without really going anywhere on your main goals.

So let me say this. The first thing you should NOT do is not do the main thing, in this case your personal online business.

With regards to the main thing. If you take action to what really matters first. That’s the beginning you will truly feel and experience what is a great day.

To get into the glory of being on top and being winners on a game like ML or other endeavors but do not give the main thing then would you really feel having a great day? I am telling you it is good for a time.

And if you continue the wrong direction you will only go further away more and more from the main thing.

The greatest way to have a great day is to resolve once and for all your addiction and be sober.

Start to do the right thing and there you should get going. That is the only way to have a true great day.

Do not expect a great day will just come, you need to work for it. You need to take action. Have the mind of making each day the best ever. So walk on them. You do not wait and enjoy your coffee. Get it done and chase the great day.

To shed off your self-importance and pride is the beginning of light on your heart and soul.

I f you could manage to smile like a kid, and feel the delight of working like an adult are the conduits of a great blessed day.

A great day originates from a happy mindset. A happy mindset is reflected on your movements, your words your body language.

You have the capability to be the wonderful ‘virus’ of a great day to your family, friends and all those people that meet you.

Make them feel the same by just smiling and giving respect and happy greetings.

Do not belittle good manners.

It creates a happy world. We only need one grumpy rude person to affect those who are not aware of the effects of bad behavior on the psyche of everyone.

We must always recognize a great day is about you not the one besmirching the day through their nonsense chaotic behavior.

    Have a great, my friend. Let us all greet each other.

    Best regards,


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    Debbi26 Premium Plus
    ”Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” Khalil Gibran

    This is brilliant. He had such insight into humanity. Every day we have a decision to make regarding our day. We CHOOSE how we want to live out the day. Sad things might be happening around us but we can always look within and choose JOY.

    megawinner Premium
    Exactly. Glad you got it to the main point! Hve a great weekend Debbi! 👍🌹
    Willow29 Premium
    Make sure you also always smile at that one grumpy rude person, for they need it the most.

    I've actually had one or two of them smile back and lighten their mood when I return their rudeness with kindness.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Floretino! 🙂
    megawinner Premium
    I know right! Such people (the rude ones) don't matter at all but you are tight, I treat them with respect and firmness. Or otherwise, I would ignore them completely. There are 99% of wonderful people in this community to be affected by ill manners of almost negligible few.

    Thank you for your input! Have a great weekend s well!

    Stay safe, healthy, and happy!👍✨
    MattilaP Premium
    Positive thought always brings a good day. I try to be smile and positive always. Yes, everyone has a bad day sometimes, but try to be good for anothers and Usually they are good for you too.
    megawinner Premium
    I agree, doing good is good vibes multiplier. Happy weekend Mattila. Thank you.
    megawinner Premium
    That's the keywords, Mattila, smile, and be positive, it takes a little while to be so, but it is worth the effort.
    LMH1968 Premium Plus
    Excellent post my friend 🤩
    megawinner Premium
    Thank you, Lisa, my dear frined. Happy weekend!
    LMH1968 Premium Plus
    Happy weekend my friend 🤩
    megawinner Premium
    🌹🌈💝Thank you so much, my dear friend.
    LMH1968 Premium Plus
    JohaneG Premium
    Wonderful post my friend, Florentino.
    megawinner Premium
    Thank you, Johane. Have a great weekend.
    JohaneG Premium
    Thank you, Florentino. I will.
    megawinner Premium