Interesting Work Week

Last Update: September 11, 2016

This is going to be a very interesting week for me and my best friend which has four legs because I will be working on my sites and training Monday thru We'd but then Weill be heading to St Louis for a couple of weeks at my uncle's. The thing I really like is that after we are there I can work there too.

The best thing I love about community platforms like this is that you can work anytime and anywhere without worrying about missing any business time. My Aunt is a publisher and hopefully she will help me with my dog site because they have 3 dogs to be able put out info on. I know this blog maybe not very interesting but it is kind of a newbie one.

One of the biggest reasons I mentioned my trip is there are few places in around where I will be in Missouri that I can really promote my business so I am really looking forward to that

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Ivine Premium
Hi, enjoy the break. Irv.
JudeP Premium
Have a great trip :)
Dreamer56 Premium
Go Get'em Mitch! Enjoy the trip
MKearns Premium
Have a good trip. The work will always be waiting
Mdh46 Premium
Thank you comment.
llj-tucson Premium Plus
Hi Mitch,
That all sounds like a good plan. Talking to folks and getting good ideas is always helpful. Especially when we're just starting out. Good luck with it!
Mdh46 Premium
Thank you for the comment.