Why I am a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: July 13, 2019

I found Wealthy Affiliate online after much trial and error--I have tried many programs that turned out to be scams and just left me a headache and and a hole in my checkbook!! I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and how this marketing program is already changing my life. I am "Aiming For The Stars and If I Miss The Stars I Will Land On The Moon!!

This is my first post and I know that is crazy after being with WA for about 1 month--but I have been overwhelmed, after trying other programs and that not working out, I have been down right scared to try again. But I am not really not a quiter--so here I go--i know I will end with up a successful online business.

Why You Should Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

You will recieve Live Help for the first seven days along with 1-on-1 coaching with the free membership training. Also you have a Beginner Training Course, a Video Walk Through along with 2 websites. How can any other affiliate programs compare with this? I know they can not compare--because I am now a Premium member with WA and it is absolutely amazing the support system that is in place for members--24/7/365

Also if you are a Weslthy Affiliate Premium member you have community chat line, Unlimited Keyword Search, Private Messaging, Web Suppport, Feedback Programs, Website Analysis, and to add the cherry on the top, you have Private Access to the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I do not know of any other marketing program that gives you these perks along with many other pluses that I have not even mentioned, and all this for just pennies a day or if you go for t he yearly program ii is evencheaper!! I spend more on my Stsrbuck's coffee then the cost of the Wealthy Affiliate program. So what is stopping you from making the decision to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

I wish I had found WA many years ago--but now is my time to fly and I am going to do just that--this is my chance to make my life different. Not having to worry about the monthly bills, go on a family vacation and not think about paying for this when we get back home!! Many of us do not know that we don't have to live life worrying about every penny that we spend--so now is the t ime to Take The Bull By The Horns and get this program going and start my online business!!

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CoachAustin Premium
With your optimistic attitude, I'm sure you will do well here. I congratulate you for putting your words into action and publishing this post. I am confident you will achieve great things here!
sdawson Premium
yes, WA is the best! Do the training properly, implement it, work hard and stick with it and you will see success. I'm positive of that. -Shirley
FKelso Premium
You are right...get started...once started, keep moving steadily forward. Eventually, you will see results.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Mary.
I think that the majority of us here at WA arrived under similar circumstances you write...as victims of a scam.

And yes, how refreshing to be a part of a company and community that actually care.

Great first post. Keep on keeping on. Thank you for sharing.