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Last Update: May 24, 2016


This will be short and (I hope) sweet. I received a link in my mail to a post by Brian Dean. In his own words: “I spent the last few weeks updating my guide for 2016. I also added a bunch of new techniques that are working GREAT right now.”

The update is in the form of an infographic. I can follow it, so it must be easy and clear.

I’m passing on the link in the hope that some of you will benefit from it.



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Thanks checked it out and like it.

Thanks, that's great

Well Margaret, that was short very sweet and helpful. Thanks

So was your reply, Keith. Thank you :)

Thanks Margaret!

Thanks for commenting, David. I hope it helps.

Great info Shally Thank you very much Ken

Thanks for dropping by, Ken

Thank you for your share. Shally.

You're welcome, Shally. I hope it helps.

Any help to improve ourselves is always welcome! Shally.

Thanks Margaret ! Steve

Thanks for replying, Steve. Cheers.

Thanks! Bryan

Thanks for replying, Bryan. I hope it helps you.

Thanks. Will have a look ;-)

It should keep us up to date for a short time.

Started reading and I have a lot to double check and learn about before I get really follow it...it's a mission to truly understand SEO!

Yes. Understanding what's written is one thing, applying it is not always easy.

Backlinko is one of my all-time favs! Thanks for sharing Margaret!

Thanks for commenting :)

Thanks for sharing Margaret :)

You're welcome.

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