6 Months Completed With WA - A Progress Report

Last Update: May 01, 2019

Well, what a 6 months it has been.

Firstly, I am so grateful that I found WA way back in November.

I would never have meet all you lovely people all aiming for similar goals as me.

There have certainly been ups and downs (mostly ups) but hey that's business and life right!

Although I had a website up and running I wanted to show people that if you follow the training and implement it then you can succeed.

So I started a brand new site in the affiliate marketing for newbies niche (maybe not the easiest niche to get quick results)

Along with staring from scratch, I have now produced 46 blog posts and 17 WA blogs (started slow on this as writng is not my strength but I am getting better now. Practice makes perfect they say :)

I am just starting to produce some giveaways and a 7 day email course to start building an email list.

Love helping people and have produced 17 training videos, which have had some great comments .. thanks everyone for your support ... More to come !

By following the training I have managed to refer 76 people so far which is growing on a daily basis now.

My only disappointment is that I only have 1 of these upgrade so far, but hey I am loving helping people and that is my aim.

Last month I managed to get my first review post on position 1 in Google this was an amazing feeling although it has dropped slightly this post is now producing daily traffic... Whoop Whoop !

My traffic is the last 30 days is just short of 17,000 views, I am now seeing more posts getting impressions and clicks. So everything is moving is the right direction.

Now this post is not to bragg about what I have done and how wonderful I am, far from it.

It is to show you that if you keep working hard results will come, I KNOW that my results will only be going one way from here on in.

So go work you butt off.... things take time to build but for every one step forward you go you are one step nearer to making things happen.

Thanks agin to everyone here in WA you are THE BEST :)


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MelCo15 Premium
That's quite a lot of accomplishments for only 6 months. Congratulations, I wish you so much continued success. Thanks for the motivation!
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Melyssa it's surprising what you can accomplish :)
mwystepek Premium
Great job! Congratulations!
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Mike
Nice Work
mcb247 Premium
bridgetg Premium
Congratulations on your success!
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Bridget
Chizz Premium
This is truly amazing. You have definitely made so much progress. Congratulations.
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Chizz, its not until you right it all down you realise what you have done.