FaceBook Messenger Friend or Foe?

Last Update: Feb 6, 2016


Hi Everyone, Michelle here

From both a female and male prospective, what is your experience with Facebook messenger?

The reason I ask is that I met a wonderful man today who became my referral, yet I get so many messages for more photos, video calls, porn pictures and a horrendous amount of unethical requests I cannot mention out loud or in writing for that matter!

How many of you bother to turn a potential stalker into a profitable vehicle, prospect or business venture? Are those the right words to use? That is my experience to date, what is yours?

Kind Regards


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Hi Michelle,

Facebook isn't something I've really used so far to promote my business. However my wife who is involved in Network Marketing uses it regularly and whilst she does have some success (and some people within her team have built a huge business using nothing but this method) she certainly gets a fair share of weirdos.

Whilst some men seeking to have no problem sharing pictures of their pride and joy ( though in some cases they really shouldn't be proud) she also has a fair share of women who send porn videos. Why? I have no idea .... are they linked to viruses? Maybe, maybe not.

However I think the key is to remember that Facebook is just another window into society and let's be honest, whilst there is a great deal of good in society, it also has its fair share of weirdos. So I say go ahead with Facebook but be careful. There is gold out there but sometimes it's hidden in a field of ****.


Hi Paul

I think for the effort you have to put into it your time is better spent elsewhere. Like writing content lol.

Between the videos, photos of apparent glory and what not I really couldn't be bothered with it in the end. The questions they ask are all the same likewise the drain.

FB is certainly one window and one I'll leave closed for now. Thanks for your sharing your insights, very much appreciated. Your wife sounds pretty amazing to tolerate messenger and all it has to offer.

Have a fabulous day

Kind Regards


Use your Intuition!

Your innermost God Given sensor.

There are some questionables out there...
However.....if this is a true business serious prospect, It will show in the outcome and his purpose.

Well said, thank you kindly ;)

Kind Regards


Hi , Michelle, you pose a very good question! But a better question is what did you do to get a referral!! Lol! Seriously, I have to block a few weirdos and I don't mind doing that!! And fast! I am learning I don't answer a message if I am not sure of the connection. But still, like you , I wonder if all the socials are worth it.. The pics and crap we have to weed through to find gems is big hurdle. I wll keep you posted! pJ

Hi Pj

Thanks for your comment. Ironically I told him I didn't have time for idle Chit Chat, Rose Images or Porn. I was rather rude, low and behold he asked me about making money online. Well......I felt just terrible and to be honest I couldn't do enough after the fact to help him lol. Turns out he's really lovely!

I have since created a pre written message I have to manually send, if I get one bunch of roses or something worse I block and delete instantly.

I get too many messages not to attempt a sale of some sort lol. I hope that's not spamming. Presuming it's not, as they messaged me first. I only ask if they are interested in free training to build a website.

By all means keep me posted.

Kind Regards


Dear Michelle, I'm happily divorced. On-line business it is a challenging adventure when we are talking about any online messengers. I have to admit that i too have an awful experience and was scam few times actually via messengers. There are many man and woman online who are hunting for prey. So many years ago I stopped using any messanger services communicating with people who i do not know. I firmly believe that if the Universe wants to send my sole made i meet him in real life. Feeling safe online it is one of many reasons i cherish and love WA community that i feel very safe here.
Of course, description it yours, but my advice to you not to use messengers
Wish you luck and hope you stay safe. Be very careful.

Hi Lavera

Apologies I missed you the other day! It sounds like your FBM experience is far worse than mine! I too agree that your soul mate will find you, who knows he could be in the safe realms of WA ;) All the best to you my friend in both your professional and personal ventures online.

Best Wishes Always


There are times when I'm truly embarrassed to be a man. I'm so sorry that you've had this experience. I quit using Instagram for similar reasons....women "following" me with half naked photo's of themselves. Since they appear to be in their 20's and appear to be very pretty, I'm pretty sure they aren't looking for a long-term relationship with this old man. LOL! I just block them and report it as spam or inappropriate....whatever....but I got tired of having to do that all the time. Apparently Instagram doesn't police themselves very well, or don't care.

I'm sure that it's not a good idea to try and profit from perverts. I'm just glad there are still real ladies like you out there. Hang in there!


Hi Dennis

Well at least you're a pretty neat guy! It sounds like you have had a rough run with social stalkers also. I agree it's very time consuming blocking, ignoring or deleting folks. I have heard the same reports about Instagram, therefore I don't think I'll be heading over to that platform anytime soon!

Thank you Dennis for your kind words and equally your valued perspective. Take Care.

Kind Regards


Hey Michelle...the only experience I had on FB messenger was with a guy who asked to be my friend and then he started to private message me. I didn't know him so I unfriended him and poof he was gone. Sadly, there are so many freaks out there in cyberspace who want to show you their private parts. WTH? I just don't get it.

Your guy who joined WA? If he stays around, well good for him. If he doesn't, you don't want him in WA anyway if he just wants to show off his "wanger".

What a shame...but it is what it is.


Hi Cherie

Marketing on FB has been a surprise and a half for sure. There I am trying to promote WA with the utmost honest intent to help folks, instead I get unwanted photos, stickers and grotesque gestures. I guess you have to laugh, move on and learn from the experience.

There is on average 50-60 messages per day, I thought I could utilise the interest. Clearly I had gone mad for a short period of time thinking I could turn it around! I'm glad I am over that challenge lol.

I should have done what you did and unfriended people from the start. Now I have one messy FB account to clean up! Another item added to my extensive and ever growing To-Do-List!

Thank you Cherie for sharing your story and giving me some valued advice.

Kind Regards


Lessons learned...good luck tidying up FB!


I say Foe and unfriend him so he will not bother you any more all the best Max

Thank you Max for the grand advice, Take Care.

Kind Regards


Michelle, stay clear, FB is a cesspool of this type, stalkers of they need to go, they will, in the end, ruin you credible, you will not convert them anyway.
do you really want them? No!

Hi William

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I never realised how awful social media can really be. I'm learning though, certainly with the help of this fabulous WA community. Thanks again William.

Kind Regards


Hey Michelle, I don't go near it. Trust your instincts. I vote Foe. Do well, Robert

I sure will Robert, thank you for the valuable advice.

Kind Regards


I would say, don't do it. He joined, doesn't meet that he will stay. You will be wasting your time and more.

MisterWailor I always appreciate your insights and opinions. Thank you kindly for guiding the way.

Best wishes to you


You are welcome. Have a nice day.

Likewise MisterWailor, you are fabulous!

Kind Regards


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