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February 23, 2016
Well first of all I am pleased my WA rank has progressively moved towards 200. That's great news and to be on 201 is just hilarious. One more milestone to go I guess! I remember when I joined WA 2 months ago I went crazy to the extent of obsessing over my WA rank. When I finally decided to stop doing that I put my effort and energy purely into my websites and my WA rank moved progressively any way. It is nice having a healthy WA rank but it can also be a significant distraction towards your act
February 20, 2016
Hi AllHappy to report a profit of $15.36 with a site that is 8 days old. I have 4 sites in total 2 hosted here and two at NameCheap. I was curious if there was a difference in loading time, apparently not. Both are indexed and have really good rankings. I have advertised one of them for sale on Facebook which was apart of a case study I did.I have followed the training exactly as specified and the results are better than expected. Happy profiting to all. Kind RegardsMichelle
I have been at WA for 2 months. I am pleased with my achievements to date, it's been exciting to say the least. Every step of the way I have forged straight through my own perceptions of what is possible.In this time I have:Created 4 Websites3 Websites That Are Financially Productive1 For SaleCompleted Nearly 5 Levels On BootCamp & Entrepreneur CertificateRecruited 2 ReferralsProduced A Positive Financial FutureNearly Reached The Top 200 At WAAchieved Good RankingsSecured Start Up Opportuni
Hi Everyone I purchased a new dog bed a few weeks ago for my toy dog named Caviar! Anyway I decided to make a specific niche site revolving around dogs. I'm looking for Guest Posts on anything "Dog" related. If you're interested please send me a PM or visit this URL for the supersimple rules: RegardsMichelle
Hi Everyone, Michelle hereFrom both a female and male prospective, what is your experience with Facebook messenger?The reason I ask is that I met a wonderful man today who became my referral, yet I get so many messages for more photos, video calls, porn pictures and a horrendous amount of unethical requests I cannot mention out loud or in writing for that matter! How many of you bother to turn a potential stalker into a profitable vehicle, prospect or business venture? Are those the right words
February 05, 2016
Hi EveryoneI am very pleased to announce my new referral, Ifahamdi. Can you please welcome him to WA. met on Facebook yesterday and he is very interested in building a business and income online. Obviously WA is the place to be in order to acheive those goals. Kind RegardsMichelle
January 17, 2016
Hi EveryoneJust an enthusiastic note to introduce my WA Premium member Wonderboy2: Please say Hi to Ethan if you have time. A big thank you to Kyle and Carson for all the training I have learned to date.I have been doing some networking offline whilst my rankings settle in. So far so good and quite a positive result. I'm also running a small PPC campaign. I will update as I progress with that new venture! Many more to come, I'm going to Vegas!Kind Reg
Hey Everyone Michelle here,I'm curious to know how you found your first 2 weeks at WA? Either as a free or Premium member.For me I had an alternative agenda in mind and prior to starting my free let alone Premium membership I was on a mission!We all venture into something that may start as a novelty idea but how does one create a series of permanent tasks until fruition is gained? 1. Keep your overall goal firmly fixed in a position for success.2. Forget what is difficult and utilise all that i
So often you read that good quality content is a recipe for success online.But what truly determines a good level of quality? One perspective to bear in mind is that you hold a relatively unique point of view on any given topic. This therefore constitutes your importance, experience and relevancy. Just because your experience isn't qualified in the eyes of mainstream learning does not mean you do not know the topic.Just because you think you are not qualified to know the topic thoroughly does n
December 31, 2015
Hey Everyone,7 days young and I'm having a blast! In my short time here I have learned so much business knowledge. Although I'm on holiday I have started the creation of my first WA website, completed the level 1 "Getting Started" course and level 1 of "Affiliate Bootcamp". I've also written my WA Review. Currently a work in progress yet a task worthwhile pursuing. None of it is perfect but I've completed it nonetheless and all on my iPhone! 10 Stars for me hahahaIf anyone is able I would reall