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Last Update: May 04, 2018

Hey Good people.

Just wanted to share a little bit of gratitude...

So, it's been a little quiet on my part, here on WA for a little while... At least on the actual WA site. But NOT behind the curtains! ;)
First of all I've been really busy in my personal life, leaving me very little time to actually work on my content.

But also... I was working on content that really required some more visuals. so I've been recording, and editing some videos to go with the post I was writing. (Found a great tutorial here on the site on how to do that)

Finally got it done, and posted it. Which then let me move along to finishing some of the training I.E. exchanging feed back and comments.

And it's just awesome! This is such a fantastic feature in WA. That's the community spirit at it's finest. Everybody helping eachother out!

Yes, we are leaving comments on eachothers website to get comments back... Not just out of the goodness of our hearts, but so what!?! The result is the same! It's an exchange of services which helps everybody out and lets all of us rise to new heights... That's just great!

And in the meantime three of my other content posts got indexed in Google!

I have no doubts that the reason for that is because I am following the training, and learning how to create my posts so they DO get found and indexed in Google!

I'm so happy I found WA, and decided to stick around!

Best of luck to all of us!

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RCollis Premium
Congratulations on getting indexed. It sure does make you feel better. Feeling better is something that this entire community does on a regular basis.

Like you, I'm so happy I found WA, and decided to stick around!

MBjorn Premium
Thanks Rick.

And yes, you are absolutely right. It does feel good to get indexed! :)

HeidiY Premium
Congratulations, it so motivating isn’t it to get indexed? Good on you?
MBjorn Premium
Thanks Heidi.
Yes, it does feel incredibly motivating! :)

Thanks for the encouraging words.