Employing A Empathic Vision

Last Update: April 19, 2018


There are no words that can accurately express the mixed sense of a deeply seeded remorse for all that has and is happening. For many of us have endured hardships and tragedies that have proven to be life-altering on various levels.

I have personally endured so many extenuating circumstances that continue to weigh heavy upon my heart as well as the mindset of being subject to too many societal abuses of power and control.


This image is not as merely as deep or definitive of the complex concepts and reveries that haunt and call out to all those like me who feel the PTSD of having survived and advocated the high conflict Family Court Battles. My heart painfully bleeds for all the children who are stuck in the middle of it all.

The fact is more parents and legal representatives are overly concerned with the legal tactical advantage to win the custodial rights rather than maintaining the best interest and well-being of all those subject to.

So while I have taken a break from the training to handle some very prioritizing financial and personal matters, I will be returning soon. While the more recent circumstances are appealingly not so much of a big deal to some, there is so much remaining in hindsight to which requires one to meet the eyes. The empathetic vision calls out and the advocate voice shall rise to the occasion.


As you conduct yourself on-line, and in life I pray that you speak with empathy not criticism. "To each their own...and for those who so quickly assume a person openly ranting is mentally ill, you may be right or it may simply be the person is just simply having an overwhelming human moment. The on-line judgment is in fact more illusive, because there truly is no tone of voice or body language to describe how the writer is feeling...

It is so much harder actually read into the emotional insight of text than it is to see the spirit of the conversation within the eyes. Ponder that a moment, have you ever misread the tone in the text? I admit I have. Words and perspectives matter in so many various ways...do not be so quick to judge the tone.

Simply Reach out and Ask: Are you OK?


I now take this moment to say thank you to Wealthy Affiliate and all those who reach out to ask me "How are you doing with the training and is there anything I can do to help?" There is in deed so many people here with Empathetic Views. I value and appreciate the connections here.🙄.

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JerryMcCoy Premium
How many of us look at others with truly empathetic eyes.