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May 08, 2018
Through Thoughts and Confusion First and foremost, I pause to say thank you and express my appreciation to all those who reach out to me here on WA. My progress has been slow, however, with all the encouraging support I continue to read and learn from my determination to position myself for on-line success continues to thrive.Through Questions and HardshipsYesterday, I admit that I over interpreted the No Spam Rules. I began second guessing my WA activities as an inexperienced newbie. It is no
Weighing There are no words that can accurately express the mixed sense of a deeply seeded remorse for all that has and is happening. For many of us have endured hardships and tragedies that have proven to be life-altering on various levels.I have personally endured so many extenuating circumstances that continue to weigh heavy upon my heart as well as the mindset of being subject to too many societal abuses of power and control.AwarenessThis image is not as merely as deep or definitive of the
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March 27, 2018
Good MorningI am inspired today by a post that I read and shared on Linke In with reference to dancing and opportunity which reminds me of a hot summer after noon over 16 years ago. A treasured memory of a mid summer Florida rainstorm.Opportunity Comes In Many FormsAnyone who has Bore the long stretch of 90+° southern temps may understand the relief of dancing in the pouring rain. The power of just a few briefs minutes in time is something that holds more value than the many physical obj
March 07, 2018
Hello, I have been stuck in a rut as of lately. Still putting forth the effort to push through the training for what seems like months.In reality it has been weeks and this is my very first blog post here. Where am I in my training? I just added on the About Me page. Now my computer skills, I admit, are developmentally delayed at the moment. Please forgive me if anyone feels offended, it is not my intention.Allow Me To Explain Growing up my family often said "you are all special", and well t