Mysterious ways

Last Update: May 09, 2018

Through Thoughts and Confusion

First and foremost, I pause to say thank you and express my appreciation to all those who reach out to me here on WA. My progress has been slow, however, with all the encouraging support I continue to read and learn from my determination to position myself for on-line success continues to thrive.

Through Questions and Hardships

Yesterday, I admit that I over interpreted the No Spam Rules. I began second guessing my WA activities as an inexperienced newbie. It is not uncommon for the mindset of a multi-wheels spinning complicated thought engines to do so. At the various perspective traffic circle with all the moving website building flow appearing to move faster for others as I continue to yield to the training and task achievements.

Writing content is not so much a hardship for me. It's the wrapping my head around the training and managing the time to employ the lessons that slows me down. So when I became distracted by "Hi Melissa- if you want me to help you, please abide by the rules..." I must say the self-concern alarms began going off.

I began asking myself, "am I doing something wrong?" So I read the blog and the for more info link attached. From there I read two additional links within the link. So now perhaps you now perceive that my greatest hardship is the driving motivation to learn and the curiosities to look deeper into the multiple angles of perspective views.

Through The Concerns and Second Guessing

What I most respect about WA is that there are no time restraints or dead lines. We are able to work at our own pace. We may pause to tend to our everyday priorities and break under the additional pressures of extenuating circumstances.

While I have so much going on I must also now say I appreciate all the encouragement and support I continue to receive as I continue to check the emails I receive. I admit some notifications catch my attention more than others.

Perhaps the people who are following me see the pattern of my interest in the product of learning and networking that we each buy into.

Through The Doubts and Pressures

I value the fact that with WA not only are we able to learn at our own pace, the network continues to reach out to us as often as we check our emails. If you are anything like me it is quite encouraging to have a person send a pm asking how you are, and if you need any help?

There are many people on here that truly care, why? The Underlying fact is that your success ultimately leads increasing the WA success. We not only continue to build content as individuals, by participating in the training we also build the WA traffic. With each question, comment, or blog we help build more content.

Through Resilience and Supports

With my questions answered and my concerns resolved, once again the hardships of feeling anxious with uncertainty has been eased. I continue to learn within a network where no one is left to develop the skills alone.

My comments may appear confusing at time due to the mysterious spins of issues and questions that I personalize perhaps a bit too much, but with the populations of sophisticated business minds on here I continue to receive the boost over the humps.

We are all on a journey here putting forth the effort to climb our way to the top. The lesson this week is, and Thank you, Erin for writing, , from an inexperienced newbie briefly listing the following:

1. Read the NO SPAM Rules, Noting you will discover that Erin shares a link to a training page and I direct you to her page for additional insight on proper newbie guidelines.

2. Do Not Stress Yourself If You Overthink like me

3. Ask Your Questions in the Comments of a Related Blog

4. Your Comments Will Build Followers With Answers

5. The WA Blog is to post Progress vs the Website is to blog on your chosen niche

Through The Pitch Of Excitement and The WA Crowd Cheering

The Mysterious Purpose of Interacting within the WA Site is that we are all paying it forward y asking questions and blogging to support the WA niche. Keep in mind that your Website is the stadium you are building, Your on-line social connections as playing in the Majors and you are building a Team of your own personal social connections. Think of On-line as the field where it's the business competitors vs your website business operations, and WA is simply the VIP guests cheering you on from within the crowd of on-line social connection stands. Where are the affiliates? Your website can also be viewed as the on-line concession product.You employ your own website to promote and support a kindred niche. Your target purchasing group shall be the traffic you attract to the on-line business and social media sites.

Please note: I apologize now having discovered and with correction of my errors from yesterday. I Error under pressure where the not so patient man of the house who has me on the go running errands interrupted my blog progress. I thought, Wow that was a lot of auto corrected Thank You'd I had to fix. Lol, as we all know I am not perfect and I am far from being an English Professor. I write what is on my mind in the moment always and sometimes I go back to edit after I spontaneously post. Understanding that the more I proof read something I will keep on editing and rewriting and editing....

I believe, as we learn here and in life that as I now share the intuitive words of Exeptional Ron "Time Stands Still For No one..." I also believe that we are all here to learn the Mysterious Ways of turning our life-lessons into a skill set to achieve a mission goal. Clearly the WA traffic continues to attract those who are seeking ways to learn how to help others on-line while increasing business traffic to boost sales and earn a cash flow of residuals all from building a website.

Over the years I have gained a fortune of morals and values that clearly define the Heart Purpose calling to me. The calling of resilience and empathy screams for me to build a path as I see and hear so many others stumbling under the pressures and doubting their efforts. So here is where I reach out to shout out Hey you! I am here too! Let's Keep on Keeping On our way UP...noting that as I continue to learn from the Mysterious Ways of confusion and hardships in real time, Life provides the results.

We are all here to renovate the direction by building a pathway to success. We are on this journey to learn, build, thrive, and climb as kindred travelers all attracted to here. So Let's All Keep UP on this kindred WA journey of reaching out by Lending A Hand to others whenever you can. Our words here are our actions. Continue to shout out and make a difference

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