A Goal & A Dream

Last Update: September 21, 2018

I have a Goal, my goal is to archive and success like you guys. Is not about money is about a dream. Who I want to be.

Hi, a great day for everyone is Friday again. Busy week finally ends here. Last few days were busy on company event which all the bosses from oversea have flown over to Singapore. 5 am I have to wake up to prepare myself to work and end works at 9 pm, solid 4 working days.

My Job

Seriously I'm getting sick of my job, but I have no other knowledge. 6 years ago, I wanted to be a blogger but I fail. After joining WA, my last blog post, @BrianCheng left a comment on my blog saying that, "Another writer in WA, welcome on board Max". In fact, I'm not a writer.
My writing, spelling, grammar, and speaking are terrible. Sometimes I dun even know how to ask a question. I regret that I didn't study hard.

Quote of the day

Fear is never a reason for quitting;

it is only an excuse.

Here is the great place for me to start off.

Every day I spend some time to read a few blogs in WA, blog about dream, achievement, goals, how they success. Is really amazed by you guys. And I wish one day I will be able to become like you guys. I need to improve my writing, spelling, and grammar. No matter what happens i need to post at least a blog once a week. So i will be able to improve my self.


Finally today I got my google badge. But I'm a bit lost again.
What should I do after having google badge? Please help me and advise me. I would like to learn more.

Thank you for spending some time reading my blog.

Max Lim

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MelaniLukito Premium
Hi. Congrats on receiving your G badge. That is a great start. Grammarly is a great tool to correct your spelling. Hemmingway is a great tool to improve the readability.
maxlimblog Premium
Thank you very much.
HarveyBrown Premium
Congratulations Max on receiving your Google badge. Most of us find it difficult to write consistently, but write we must if we want to be successful. I remember when I was learning another language, the instructors constantly told us the only way to become fluent was to listen, speak and write in that language. That was good advice and I am suggesting that is what you need to do.
What to do next is to continue to complete the training and complete the associated tasks. The other thing is to write content for your website.