My First WA Referral, and I wasn't even trying!

Last Update: December 04, 2013

I was talking to a co-worker & friend today who shares the same "entrepreneurial itch" that I have. Our discussions are always pretty interesting. He's trying to get a business started too, and he was elaborating on the many frustrations he's been having with a certain domain registrar and web-hosting company which shall remain nameless. :)

He was also telling me how horrible their web builder tool is and he just wasn't sure what he was going to do. I could totally relate to what he was saying, because I'd been there before!

So, needless to say, I proceeded to tell him all about WAU and how much I love absolutely everything since I got serious about it a few days ago. Then I showed him my website, which is totally in it's infancy with about 4 pages and 1 post. Nonetheless, he was very impressed with the look & layout, and when I explained the process I went through to create it, he was very intrigued!

Long story short, I sent him the Black Friday link on a whim to see if it was still active. Little did I know the Black Friday deal was extended -- I think until this Friday. He pretty much immediately signed up and then took advantage of the BF offer by upgrading to Premium. Let me tell ya, this is one smart man who knows what he wants! :)

It goes without saying, I'm pretty ecstatic to have my first WA referral, and he's pretty fired up to have access to all the training and tools here at WA. I do believe it's time for a celebratory adult beverage!

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tinamarie Premium
That is awesome! Good job! Tina
Shawn Martin Premium
justlikeyou Premium
That is awesome! I also have only good things to say about WA. In fact these guys are amazing with what they created here. I have couple of people in mind that would need a place like WA. How difficult is it to refer a person and get credit for it at WA. I am asking because I am a beginner as well and my page is a no show yet:) Thanks and good luck!
MaudMan Premium
Hi Kinga! And welcome to WA! If you click the "My Stats" link over on the left under Affiliate Program, you'll find your WA referral link which can be shared with others.
bothewebguy Premium
You can get that link and send via email.. Once thing you may want to consider for personal referrals is to grab the affiliate link from your personal profile and copy the shortened version and send that to them via email. Almost every page/article and profile here at WA has an affiliate link drop down box that gives you the link you need for sharing.
happypursuit Premium
That is awesome. :) Enjoy you celebratory adult beverage. lol.
hart48 Premium
Great for both of you.