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Hi All! First, I want to say Merry Christmas to all my WA friends who are celebrating Christmas this wonderful day. And second... I just happened to look at my Amazon sales report, and I made my first sale! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Woo Hoo!!!! Yes, it's true... I made a whopping $1.60 -- which is the first step toward $160, and then $1,060!!! :) Based on my link tracking report, someone actually went to my new niche website (yet to be revealed), clicked through one of my Amazon links, and ended
OK, I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or hallucinating (those could be the same), but on a whim today I decided to see if my new niche site was showing up in Google's index yet. Keep in mind, I just registered the new domain and built this site on Saturday 12/14. I didn't post the first two articles until Sunday 12/15. That's only 3 days ago! So today, I Google'd the quoted keyword phrases I targeted for each article, and here are the results: Article #1 -- Google displays ONE page of results wi
See what I did there? I have “an itch”. Get it? Thanks, I’m here all week folks. Try the veal and please tip the waitresses. :) I’d like to start this post by first sending out a huge THANK YOU to Carson & Kyle for all the personal attention and help you've given me recently during my niche picking dilemma (here and here). Believe me guys, the support is appreciated more than you know! And of course, I can’t leave out all the incredibly helpful, caring, and responsive folks he
I have to admit, I’m a little (no, a lot) frustrated and disappointed with myself. I thought I had things all figured out with my niche. I was also pretty stoked about using my existing “” domain for the site (Mauder’s Money Matters). But something about it didn't feel quite right, and I kept questioning myself. Of course, I figured I was just over-thinking and over-analyzing it like I do with pretty much everything! After a conversation with Carson, I've decided to abando
I was talking to a co-worker & friend today who shares the same "entrepreneurial itch" that I have. Our discussions are always pretty interesting. He's trying to get a business started too, and he was elaborating on the many frustrations he's been having with a certain domain registrar and web-hosting company which shall remain nameless. :) He was also telling me how horrible their web builder tool is and he just wasn't sure what he was going to do. I could totally relate to what he
Since I got serious about building an online business three days ago, my rear-end has been permanently affixed to the lazy-boy chair with a computer sitting on my lap. My back is killing me, and yesterday I could barely stand up out of the chair at the end of the day! I've also been getting some dirty looks and snide comments from my wife. I'm sure she wonders if I'm ever going to do anything around the house again -- or shower, shave, and put on fresh underwear for that matter! If this sou
November 29, 2013
My first domain name was registered in 1997. The website was built (writing HTML code in Notepad) and online a couple months after that. I'd been searching for ways to make money since about 1991, and I finally found something that was a sure to be a slam-dunk. The most fundamental mistake I made is spelled out in that last sentence -- "I'd been searching for ways to make money." Of course, that's all bass-ackwards. What I should have been doing is searching for ways to solve problems and prov