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Last Update: December 02, 2020

I had to update my pic sadly (due to patient privacy concerns) but this picture above is a much nicer, sleeker version of what I stare at all day at work-2 computer screens, pretty much everyday Mon-Fri each week. It's certainly not overly exciting, placing, tracking equipment and stock orders for hospitals and health centres.

As you could've seen on my original photo, a small tab open for Wealthy Affiliate, amongst all the work windows open. This is my bite sized piece of WA productivity-fitted in between the average 200-350 invoices I process per day. Somewhere in all that soul sucking, dry, dead-boring work, I try to fit in little pieces, or moments of productivity on my WA and website creation journey.

For all those already planning out their "don't be so ungrateful, many people don't even HAVE jobs right now" response to this post, please know I'm ridiculously grateful for the position I have. I do harbour a slight bit of jealousy towards all those out there who all year have been complaining about 'being bored, stuck at home' -many of which, at least here in Australia, were still getting paid, just simply couldn't go to their usual places of work because of this crazy, relentless covid-19 virus.

This is definitely not talking about all the people that have had to go through absolute hell, after losing their jobs due to covid practically shutting the door on a whole range of industries. For all those people out there in that situation, simply unable to work as there is no work, I have nothing but empathy and support for, if I were a rich man (monetarily) I would happily just dedicate my time to helping those who truly need it, especially in unprecedented times such as these.

As silly as it sounds being 'jealous' of the 'stuck working from home' people, the truth is, of course, during times like this, hospitals do not close....if anything, everything ramped up by about 300%! So there has been zero leave this year for my wife or I, due to covid. We also started the year with suburbs around us on fire, with the worst bushfire season in history. Again, being a hospital, we weren't of course closed there either-even when it was literally 3 suburbs away, and we were already having to wear face masks INSIDE, due to the heavy amount of smoke in the air.

So yeah, all that, mixed with having a son being diagnosed as severely autistic, being told I'll have nerve damage and pain on left side of my body for most likely the rest of my life-after having surgery last year on my back that worked a little, but also failed on a bunch of other fronts sadly.

Aside from all that, we do have a son who wakes 1-2 times a night, and an 8 month old daughter who still wakes up an average of 2-3 times a night! Somewhere, amongst all that, we find tiny compartments of time to sleep, and try to 'rest' whilst keeping up with all the homework for our son's therapy (there's a bit!), making sure I put in 30 mins exercise on our recumbent bike to try to lose the weight my sedentary job has caused me to gain, AND then, when there's practically NOTHING left in the tank, I get to do the stuff that keeps me motivated, excited and pushing forward-my Wealthy Affiliate journey!

Now please know I'm really not trying to put out some 'poor me' type post, just to get sympathy etc, I know there are MILLIONS of people on this earth that are in much worse situations, and I do feel for them, very much so. It's been a fairly horrible year for the majority of the planet, but at the same time, it's been a very exciting time for all of us to pivot, to look at things differently, and to find new ways of doing things.

Anytime I feel absolutely beaten down, exhausted beyond words and what not, all I have to do is read a couple of posts from all you lovely people in WA, and it reminds me of what is possible, and that if I can just keep my head down, putting in the work-even when it seems lost under a mountain of employment related work, amazing things can happen.

I constantly think about how some of my favourite WA'ers like Dave (bux!) provide us all with some well needed inspiration at times when I really need it-in particular his recent post about building castles requiring one stone at a time, and how one stone may seem small, but even ONE STONE is progress.

This kind of thinking is why my first official tattoo will be on my forearm saying "Progress, not perfection" as it is one of my favourite quotes, as reminds me that you dont always need to aim at making everything perfect,and doing it ALL at once, you just need to make sure you are consistent with ANY kind of action towards your goals and dreams, as its the only way to take an idea from concept to REALITY.

So I'm guessing my wife and I still have many, many long days ahead, but being part of this amazing community just makes it all feel worthwhile, as it enables us to see that those dreams of being back on the beach, with my surfboard, family, and some financial stability Without having to trade all of our time for a wage, can truly be our reality.

So thanks again to all of you, it is you guys that make this place phenomenal.

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BrightSales Premium
You have a lot going for you during a pandemic friend. I've been on the down side back some many years ago and I learned how to deal with things in the most stressful situation now. I can say that I never once felt bored. I can be the most boring person to some people, but I never find that in anyone. Everyone has a story to tell and I find listening to them help me to understand the world a little better. Just because my day is never boring, that doesn't mean others aren't having a boring day or not having a good day.
The point I'm trying to make is that no matter how many times you've been down or are facing difficulties, you must find a way to get back up stronger than before. Distraction of what don't work will always pull you down. We must focus on what works and that will give you the courage to move forward. So yes, stick to bite sized productivity as you see it and success will be in your path. Thanks for sharing. All the best!
Mattylinc Premium
Thanks very much brother. And I do tend to agree, that it can be quite fascinating just sitting and truly LISTENING to people's stories-as they say, truth is always stranger than fiction, and some people out there certainly have some crazy stories to share.

Thanks for reading, and all the very best for your continued success too!
Newme202 Premium
Although you seem to have your hands full at the moment Matty, you are still being productive and that's a gold star. You are still moving forward, showing resilience, determination and perseverance. You still got it! And I know that even though you are taking baby steps, you will eventually get there. We are all rooting for you!
Mattylinc Premium
Thanks very much Simone, appreciate that. It's definitely about the baby steps, one foot in front of the other is all we can do.

But yes I'm definitely in it for the long term though, something to hopefully look after our little ones when they're older, and hopefully provide them with a whole bunch of things many of us didn't have growing up.

I hope you're doing well these days too yourself. :-)
Newme202 Premium
Spot on Matty. I'm well thank you for asking
JEaston Premium Plus
Wow nice post, Matty!

I enjoy reading your day today's experience and continue to success, it's a very good mindset.

Good luck to you and the whole of your family, specially to your wife and kids.

What ever happen let's balance our daily life and give always a chance everyone to be happy.

All the best and God bless!

Mattylinc Premium
Thanks Joyce, that means a lot.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this one. And yes, as they say, every day, every moment even, is another chance to turn it all around.

I just feel I've been pretty stagnant with making things happen for far too many years, waiting on that payrise etc-then getting it and wondering why we still weren't any better off!

I figure the time is going to pass anyway, and I'm gonna age either way with that time, so might as well be trying to lay the ground work now for trying to ensure a few years from now (less of course is even better!) we WON'T be in the same position.

Instead, we'll be in a much more exciting, rewarding position, doing much more of the things we want and need to do, but simply don't have the time or opportunity to do so at the moment.

Thanks again for sharing the love, Take care over there with your lovely fam too. :-)
JEaston Premium Plus
I understand you very well, Matty.

Man is always a breadwinner in the family and to be strong whatever happened, but what you doing right now is already a great way to succeed. Help yourself and make everything lighter for you, be a brave person, accept the situation right now, maybe tomorrow is a brighter day who knows, I know you can do it. I also agreed with you that we are not in the same situation or position and the same problems that we facing in life, but I'm sure everyone in this world have also problems and challenges in life.
It depends only on how we deal with it.

I know that you have a child that needed extra attention she/he deserves to receive proper attention from loving parents, like you that no other's can give. I know life it's not fair sometimes, but that's only a challenge for us, so be brave and be ready for it. Use your good talent to overcome those things. be PATIENCE too.

Either we like it or not, we get older, but better to go old and still do all things that we want to do in our life than nothing at all.

Please, don't forget to call him up above, he is always there to help, I tried it already by myself, I'm not joking. God is always Good.

Please send my love and hugs to your beloved wife and Kids. Everything is going to be alright.

Thank you also for sharing. I'm glad to be here in the WA community and I have a chance to meet you and other friends around, they are unique. See you around, Matty :-)

All the best to you and always,

Mattylinc Premium
Thank you very much Joyce, and all the very best to you and your lovely family too.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Is that your back yard in the title image, Matty? Anyway, it is great that you can complete bite-sized chunks of productivity!

Mattylinc Premium
haha, i WISH i had what I've heard many refer to as the 'burden of working from home' but no such luck.
Just the small office I work in currently (attached to a large warehouse) has the parking right outside the window which is handy.

But thanks Jeff, and thanks for reading Jeff.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well, at least, not YET, Matty! 😎
RoseLee2020 Premium
Hello Matt! This post is not showing a "poor you" one but a super duper amazing you! And it is truly inspiring!~^

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of the normal you.

May you and your family be always safe!

Please send my regards to your amazing wife, too!~^

All the Best,
Rose 💕
Mattylinc Premium
Thanks very much Rose, appreciate that. I have passed that on too, my wife Chrissy said 'thank you' too :-)

I'm glad you found it inspiring, I was seriously worried after hitting submit that it was gonna come across really badly, so that's reassuring.

I wish you all the very best with absolutely everything too, take care.