Your Mindset Impacts Your Results More Than You Know

Last Update: March 24, 2021
The Mindset Required For Online Business Success

Through my experiences as an online business owner, trader, and investor, it's clear how critical mindset is to achieving success. In fact, it's the foundation for achieving anything great - in business, the markets, or life in general.

So many of us enter the online business world with big dreams, but then hesitate, make excuses, and avoid doing the work required to get there. We focus far too much on the end result and far too little on the process necessary to achieve it.

We've all been there before at some point in our journey. We know we should be doing things, but we're not. We're frozen by our worries, doubts, and fears. We can't get hurt if we don't try, right? The problem with that line of thinking is that we can't grow, develop, or evolve either.

Online Business Success is Not a Lottery Ticket

Nobody creates a successful online business by luck or chance. It might seem like others have achieved "overnight success" in their respective niche, but what you're not seeing is all the time, hard work, and sacrifice behind-the-scenes that went into their accomplishments.

The reality is that there are certain skills that need to be learned and mastered in order to achieve success: some of the main ones are keyword research, search engine optimization, writing articles that convert, and many more.

But the bottom line is that things don't just magically happen. Your posts don't magically get written, ranked, and convert. It takes intention, focus, and repitition to get these things right. Undoubtedly, there will be a good amount of trial-and-error, so don't be scared to get started. You can't improve or refine a skill that you never try in the first place!

Overcoming Your Natural Programming/Conditioning - Negativity Bias

Throughout our lives, we've been conditioned to think, feel, and act certain ways based on our own personal experiences, environments, perceptions, and self-talk. All of these things have come together to imprint our brains and color our realities.

But that reality is uniquely yours. People can come into contact with the same information and achieve drastically different results. For example, some people join WA and start making money within a few months, but for others it can take years. And in some cases, people never make money at all. Why do you think that is? In my opinion, the root is mindset.

The way you currently think, feel, and act might not be effective in achieving your goals. In fact, they're probably not effective due to something known as negativity bias, which makes you naturally focus around five times more on negative circumstances than positive ones.

It's a survival instinct that helped us focus on mortal threats thousands of years ago, but it greatly hinders us when it comes to building businesses, expanding our comfort zones, and developing into better people. This uphill battle against our natural conditioning is what differentiates those who succeeed from those who fail.

Good News - You Can Wire Your Brain For Success Thanks to Neuroplasticity

Years ago, scientists actually thought our brains were fixed shortly after childhood. But recent studies have proven that this couldn't be any less true. Our brains have the ability to physically grow and adapt based on new learnings, experiences, environments, self-talk, etc.

There are actual studies where people have improved phsyical performance in things like sports, typing, and playing instruments through visualization/mental rehearsal alone. If this doesn't validated the power of our own minds, I don't know what does.

We can apply the concept of neuroplasticity to our online businesses by wiring our minds to achieve our own specific goals. You might not be the organized, disciplined, and consistent business owner you want to be right now, but you can become that person with enough focus, intention, and repition.

It will be hard at first because your current programming will fight back. It wants to take the common/convenient path that you've taken so many times before. Those neural networks are strong and hardwired. But over time, if you continue to think, feel, and behave like the person you want to become, eventually you will become that person.

Your old, ineffective habits will weaken and die off, while your new, effective habits become dominant networks in your mind. Change like this is hard, but well worth the result!

So let me leave you with this: Are your current thoughts, attitudes, feelings, perspectives, and behaviors serving you or hurting you?

If they're not effectively serving you, understand that it's possible to change.

Matt Thomas

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ThomasTay Premium
Thank you Matt Thomas for the good advise. It is indeed very important to have the right mindset so that we will not be distracted by others, especially with all the social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, and so many others.
Many times we are afraid that we may lose out to others, so we constantly seeking for more information and get into all these non-essential "News/Info".
Your mentioned "Neuroplasticity" sound interesting to me. I will explore further on it.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very true, Matt! Mindset is an integral part of a business foundation! Without the proper mindset, a business will fail in the long run!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Your mindset gives you the motivation to do anything that you do.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
So very true. The "mind over matter" involves a great amount of our lives.