Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member?

Last Update: May 29, 2017


The online world is full of opportunities. Some you`ve come across might seem far too good to be true, possibly been burned before too, and since you are reading this, you may well be asking yourself ‘Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member?’

I think you should, but let me elaborate WHY I say this.

If you are looking For Money Making schemes online, there are usually a few things they have in common:

  • The hard sell.
  • They are so pushy , you start to feel a little alienated.

  • They promise ALOT.
  • We`ve all had those Emails, right? You`ll earn $3000 per month within 30 days!!!!!!!!!! Etc. Its supposed to sound easy and very possible. They might even use a stock photo of some cool dude on a boat just to sell the lifestyle like this:

    Its Really Easy, Guys

    This is the big one. It`s a real corker. They promote the idea that its very simple to earn that sort of money and live that lifestyle, without much effort whatsoever. You just sit back and the money rolls in.

    News Flash!!!

    Being an Affiliate Marketer is tough! You don't just stick a few posts up on a website and watch the money be trucked onto your front lawn.

    Look around you. Think of some famous entrepreneurs. These folks have been in business YEARS and have most likely had numerous failed ventures before becoming successful.

    If earning that sort of money was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    How Wealthy Affiliate is different

    Wealthy Affiliate is not only a great training platform, but a thriving community of both new and established members all helping each other to be successful.

    The training here starts at the very beginning, so if you are completely new to Affiliate Marketing, you can learn Step By Step what it is, and how to start.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one platform. It includes a few things to get you started marketing:

    1.The Site Rubix Website building system

    An essential part of the modern Affiliate Marketers toolbox is a website, and this very simple method is based on the industry leading website platform called Wordpress. Right from the start, You`ll be able to select a theme and get going with your content. It literally takes minutes to set up a simple website.

    2.Step By Step Training

    The guys here have created a very simple step by step guide to their methods of Affiliate Marketing, gained in 14 years in the industry. You are learning from their mistakes and successes, and if you follow their formula, your are far more likely to gain traction in your chosen industry niche.

    You`ll learn the basics of how to choose a niche market, research articles, how to write content all the way through to how to release your message upon the world via Social Media.

    Not only that, but your peers (thats me and my friends here at WA) are there to help you with any questions you might have. You could help others too. We are all in the Affiliate Marketing boat, and we are paddling together!

    This sounds great, Mat, but what made you join?

    What made the difference to me was Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They care about your success.

    With other sites, you join, you pay your fee and follow the training. Thats it. No aftercare whatsoever. Kyle is an active member as well as owner here and makes sure he checks in regularly to ensure members are doing well.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, everyone including Kyle and Carson are on hand to help. Whatever my query was or is, there is a helpful member ready and willing to assist.

    If you are looking for a solid grounding in Affiliate Marketing, Your search is over.

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    Great and very informative post! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Eric, thats kind of you to say. You are welcome.

    So glad to read this Mat! Well done, keep going and thank you, Sue :)

    You are welcome, Sue. I decided to put my perspective across becausesome other programmes similar just are not up to snuff.

    Thanks :)

    This is very good. I like everything about Wealthy Affiliate. The weekly live training too!

    Oh yes!!! I do like a lot about WA too. Its a great place to learn Affiliate Marketing from scratch.

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