How to Create the Perfect Domain Name

Last Update: January 08, 2017

Hey everyone,

Mason here. I've recently joined WA and I wanted to share with you guys some things I've learned and recommend to others about creating the perfect domain name.

1. Be creative by mixing words together or coming up with an appropriate onomatopoeia. However, Your domain name shouldn't confuse potential visitors.

2. Try to create a name that is catchy enough to spread like wildfire. Look no further than domain names Yahoo or Google. While these names really don't reveal much about two of the web's most visited sites, they're easy to recall and short on syllable, making it catchy.

3. If your domain name doesn't exist in .com, try changing it slightly rather than going for the .org or .net versions. If you go for the same website name using a .net or .org then you will drive a lot of traffic and business to your competitors.

4. Get feedback!! The community at WA is extremely helpful and you'll want to check the domain name quality with others in the community and consider their opinions. If you are wanting to be secretive about the domain name, use DOMOMETER in private mode and check the domain name quality grade. Anything above C+ is usually considered a good domain name.

5. Be patient. Sometimes domain names are taken and aren't even being used. Check the WHOIS on the domain name and figure out the expiration. It may be that you need to wait a month or two before you can bid on that perfect domain name you've been waiting for.

I'd love feedback and comments. I'm still new at this and learning as I go. I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions.


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RWB Premium
Hi Mason. Thanks for taking the time to write this post. I book marked it and will share it with others. Just to add to it though, constructive critisism, you could add a clickable link to "whois" as a newbie may not understand what it is.

What on earth is a Domometer? I'll google search it after posting this. Maybe you can write a post about what it is and where to find it with clickable links.

Also, using the ubersuggest tool and the "alphabet soup technique", as taught by Kyle, can help dig up some good keyword ideas.

Hope this helps,

Randy B
MasonRuesch Premium
Those are some great suggestions. I'll work on making the changes. Thanks!
BobT40 Premium
Given me some good direction!
MasonRuesch Premium
Good Bob I'm glad it helped. I got your message I will respond to it shortly.
JoyNelson Premium
Sounds like a good plan. It's about what I do. Mine for WA are LaptopDiva and BackyardBrood. Not too shabby :)