2 months? 4 months? A year?

Last Update: Mar 23, 2020


Recall back to when you were just starting working with Wealthy Affiliate, how long did it take for your very first site to get indexed by Google? And how long did it take for you to make your first revenue?

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Great question Marvin!

Here is one old hand at this game I found in youtube. He tells it as it is. Don't get scared by the warning and the title.

He will show us later that in 3 years time he was living his dream with a big house, a Ferrari and more.

As we are not allowed to use URL addresses, go to youtube and look up ODI affiliate marketing. Watch the 99% will not make it. This is simply saying online affiliate marketing does not happen quick.

But...it is one way to make it big if we are persistent, learn from the pros and accept possibilities of difficulties but continue to move forward.


Thank you Joe!

Hi Marvin!

It took me about 3-4 days to get my very first website indexed but truly, this isn't such a big deal...

Basically, Google will index any website that has a couple of pages/posts (besides privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, etc) relatively fast.

It took me about 8-9 months to make my first revenue off of my first website but please note that the niche it was in was very competitive and I was only posting just one relatively small article per week.

I hope this helps and I am here if you have any more questions.

My regards,


Hi - indexing simply means that Google has found your website and has added it to its search engine. It typically takes from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Hi Diane! Thank you for the information!

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