Sharing each others websites on Social Media - Good Business & Good Will

Last Update: January 19, 2020

I recently commented on a couple of Wealthy Affiliate members posts.

They aligned with my values and there was somewhat of an alignment with my own site - different products and niche but alignment nevertheless.

So, as I didn't think it would be out of place to do so (that is there was no conflict between their site and content and mine), I told the members I had shared their posts or websites to my own social network platforms. I also asked that if they were comfortable and inclined that they could do the same. However, regardless of this, I was going to share theirs anyway as I felt strongly about their content and highly of their intentions.

There was immediate engagement from my followers within hours and on one post particularly. I told the Wealthy Affiliate member - You're on a winner!

I think this is a potentially great way to extend reach but also to help each other out in addition to comments. It also doesn't take much time and I think the feedback to the member (a newbie) would have been great encouragement.

What do others think?

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MiaL Premium
I love this idea Martine!
marcho88 Premium
Great suggestion.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I agree with you! I think it was very kind of you to share the content of others! We should do more of it! :)

MartineB Premium
Thanks Heidi
FluffyDuck Premium
Yes Martine, totally agree. As a business platform, we should be engaging in more networking-based activity here at WA. One of your fellow countrywomen made a similar proposal a couple of weeks ago: I think we need to encourage all members to put their website and social media links on their profile page. Some members do worry about competition in their niche and maybe reluctant to do this, but I agree with Stanley - there's enough to go around for everyone.
MartineB Premium
I agree
PLuh1 Premium