Australian Bushfires - What can I do?

Last Update: January 06, 2020

This morning I participated in a small group meditation.

The Australian Bushfires and the devastation it has wreaked compelled us to focus our meditation on love, compassion, peace and recovery for Australia, its people, its land, property, businesses, livelihoods and animal life.

The loss is great in so many ways. And there is suffering and will continue to be suffering.

We also asked how we can help.

What each of us is able to do will vary, some are able to contribute financially, for others this isn't possible and a more physical or practical approach is what they can do. And still for others, none of these are possible.

One thing we are all able to do is open our hearts and offer love and strength or whatever it is that feels right for you. This is valuable to.

We cannot underestimate the power of this, the power of the collective whether you are in the presence of others or not. Everything and everyone is connected. We are one life.

I know that I want to help, to offer what I can in some way and that the opportunity or answer will come when I am still and listen.

Meditation of course helps with this and through this, we become clear and what follows is right action (in whatever form that might be) and right word.

My heart goes out to all of Australia - my wonderful country!

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Tersha68 Premium
SO so true My prayers go to all the victims of the fire and all the volunteers, I pray for a speedy recovery.
I am so blessed to be an Aussie so humbled by all the love and selfless people helping others.
Thank you for your post, good to be reminded how lucky we truly are.
Ahimbe Premium
Stories of survivors of the bushfire restore hope. My heart goes out to all the families affected by this unfortunate event.
Tirolith Premium
Thank you for your support.

Tenterfield where I now live in retirement is 1.812 million acres in size and has had at least 10 big fires in 10 months with a lot of houses burnt.

Now there are a lot of small towns burnt out because the greens do not want us to stop the big bushfires from happening.

We now have a red hill.
Tillie3 Premium
This is so devastating. May the hand of The ALMIGHTY be ower them*****
timstime20 Premium
It’s really been scary.. my heart and prayers have been going out to anyone close to or with loved ones in ...