How to Refocus Your Attention on What Really Matters

Last Update: August 01, 2016

There will be moments when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and doubtful while working on your online business. You might not achieve results as quickly as you hoped. During those moments, it's easy to lose your focus and momentum. You want to avoid losing focus and momentum because it'll only slow down your progress.

Peter Voogd, entrepreneur and author of 6 Months to 6 Figures, shared an activity on his YouTube channel on how to refocus your attention on what really matters. You should do this activity at the beginning of each month, so I waited for the first of the month to post this Wealthy Affiliate blog, so that you can do it right away. Here is a template for refocusing your attention on what really matters based on Voogd's information in the video:

[Month] Goals

Pick 3-5 goals for the month.


Find your reasons for wanting to achieve each goal. “The more reasons you have, the more you'll accomplish.”


Write what you are gonna start doing right now to get closer to those goals.


What do you need to stop doing that's currently hurting you or getting you farther away from your goals and success?


What do you need to continue doing that you're already doing well?

You can watch the video here for further information:

Are you gonna try this activity for focusing on your goals? Let us know in the comments how well it works for you.

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Xoda Premium
This is good stuff. I have been doing this already for a long time. Your "why" is very important when you embark on any new task/journey.
Thanks for the post, Martina :)

DLansing Premium
Great message, thanks a lot for sharing Martina :-)
JudeP Premium
Thank you :)
With-Kev Premium
I heard they did a study at Harvard University where the graduates where asked if they had goals. Of the ones who responded yes. 5% wrote their goals down.
20 years later they surveyed the same group and the 5% who wrote their goals were worth more money than the collective fortune of the other 95%.

Thanks for you post. Enjoyed reading it.
Cheers kev
MartinaWA Premium
I've read about that study too :) I write my goals down now and wish I had started to sooner.

- Martina
With-Kev Premium
Hi Martina, the past is done, set your goals and do something every day to move you closer to your goals.
I learned the power of writing goals many years ago. I attended a course where they asked us to write 10 goals we wanted to achieve in the next 12 months . We also gave them a self addressed envelope. 12 months later I received those written goals in the mail.
I have completely forgotten about them. When I read them I realized I had not only achieved them but exceeded them by a long way.
These were stretch goals I never thought I could achieve.
Keep writing your goals.
Cheers Kev