An Activity than Will Help You Regain Focus

Last Update: June 17, 2016

While working on your online business or another important goal of yours, have you ever felt...

  • Flustered?
  • Lost?
  • Lacking in motivation?
  • Like not working hard?
  • Like you wanna give up?
  • Lethargic?

Of course! We have all felt like that before when trying to achieve something, whether it's an A on your exam, learning a new instrument, or trying to achieve financial freedom. Most people give up after one of those feelings hit. They usually don't give up the first time they feel that way but after so many times, they've had enough and quit. Those who keep pushing forward eventually succeed.

But pushing forward is easier said than done... at least when you're unaware of activities and techniques for getting your mind right again. One particular activity for regaining focus and energy that I learned from Peter Voogd, an entrepreneur, is the Focus 5 Activity. It only takes a few minutes to do and will help you regain your focus, excitement, and clarity.

On a sheet of paper write these four things down:

5 Things You're Grateful For

5 Things You're Proud Of

5 Things You're Excited About for Your Future

5 Results You're Trying to Create

You can watch the video where I learned this activity here:

Do you have any other tips for regaining focus?

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JudeP Premium
Great idea Martina, thanks for sharing it :)
dianegailit Premium
Thank you so much for sharing, Martina! I have heard of using this method but have never tried it. Very interesting concept. Usually, when I lose focus I step away and do another activity that I truly enjoy such as exercising, dancing, reading, painting, yoga/meditation or maybe even going for a walk with my dogs. All of those things refresh me and get me back on track.
ClaudiaHB Premium
this is an awesome idea! I regain my focus by re-reading my lists of why I am working on my goals in the first place, it keeps me motivated, when things get tough - blessings!