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Last Update: Feb 17, 2019

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I just wanted to post a blog on my progress. I am starting to feel better thanks to the peppermint and medication. I am doing both and it is helping me out a great deal. I also wanted to thank you all for every suggestion, advice, support, love and your comments.

It meant a lot to me to know that everyone cared about me and I thank everyone and I love everyone too. Because it was a special thing for me to know who was. I went to the ophthalmologist and he said my eyes are very healthy and I just have a mild case of cataracts for my age but that is nothing to worry about right now.

That was excellent news so I go back in a year for a check up and now I have to get new glasses for my bi focuses they are not strong enough for my eyes. I can't see small print right now but that is not a big deal either.

Doing fine and working on controling these headaches which haven't been too bad lately so the medications is finally working and that is wonderful news. I am so happy about that that I am pinching myself.

I am coming back with full force to finally get back to working full time again but I am taking it slowly nothing to hard for a little while longer but I am coming back home where I belong. I miss everyone terribly. I miss talking with you all but my health comes first and I am happy that everyone understands why I haven't been answering their blogs. I will start though because I miss everyone.

Please forgive me if I don't answer everyone blog but I will answer some only because I don't want the headaches to start back up again. I am starting out slowly and working my way back up to full time once again. I hope to be talking to alot of you again.

My rank it tanked so I have to work to get it back to where it was once again slowly of course but I will get it back. I want everyone to have a wonderful new week and talk with you all soon.

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Hi, Mary you will be so pleased that you are getting on top of your health issues.

It can be so disconcerting when we are crook and don't really know what to do, thankfully your health is returning.

The great thing about our online journeys is we can tailor them to suit our needs.

I am sure we will see you back at full steam before too long.

Take care, Mary.


Thank you for your advice and kind words and yes that what makes it easy working online you don't have to answer to a boss or take sick note to work.

Yes, I am coming back slowly and taking those baby steps but I need to come back to work.

Yes, I will be full steam ahead soon. Thank you again I really appreciate all of the members here at WA. It is a wonderful community/family and I am glad to be back.



It is so good to hear from you - so happy that you are beginning
to feel better and looking forward to your return.
Have missed you around here ::))

Thank you for your kind words and I have missed every one here as well. I missed working too. But I have to take care of me first and then everything else second. I am doing better and that is what is important.


So Glad you are feeling better!

Thank you so much Yes I am and I didn't think that I would feel better again because they were so bad but I do. And I am grateful for that.


Hi Mary, great to hear you are feeling better. Looking forward to see you back in action at WA, but please take it easy. Please don't try to play a game of catch up, your health comes first. I know your friends and myself over here at WA will always be here, there and everywhere for you.

Thank you so much for the wonderful words and the yellow rose I really appreciate that so much you are a special friend and I appreciate you so very much.

I appreciate all my friends here at WA because everyone has been so wonderful and kind and that is so great.

Thank you again, my friend

Hi Mary, you are so welcome. Just take it easy for a bit. Best of health.

Yes, I am taking easy that is why I am coming back slowly and taking baby steps but I do need to work so I am coming back.

I am taking care of myself I got the message loud clear I am not going to let myself be last on the list ever again.

Thank you my friend

SO happy you're feeling better Mary, but you're right, your health comes first.
It's sometimes frustrating to not be able to do what we want to get done, but there is a sacred lesson in there, even if we can't see it. You take care of you and take 'baby steps' and it'll all fall into place! Love and prayers Mary!

Thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate that so much for your understanding. Yes, I am taking those baby steps that is all I can take for right now. And yes there is a lesson their for me to take better care of myself then I have been. I have been taking care of myself but I guess not good enough but that is all changing I got the message loud and clear.


Welcome back, Mary! I am glad you are doing better. Don't worry about responding to all. Just pick and choose. Because we understand.

Thank you I really appreciate that because I am trying not for the headaches to come back steadily like they were. They aren't as bad as they were so I am feeling somewhat better now.

And thank you for understanding I really appreciate that too.


Welcome back, Mary! :-) Hope you soon feel better than you thought possible!


Thank you, Nathalie, I really appreciate your kind words and yes I do feel a lot better they are not as bad as they were. So now it is time to come back to work and get things going again.


Beautiful, Mary!! May you be guided to the best resources to free you from these migraine headaches.

Thank you, Nathalie, I really appreciate your kind words and you are becoming a great friend and I appreciate that.


It's an honor for me.

I am glad to hear that because you too are becoming a wonderful friend and I am glad to know you.


Glad you're feeling better.

Thank you so much I really appreciate your kind words.


Look after yourself first as WA will always be here, hope you get your headaches under control Soon.


I am looking after myself I have learned some valuable lessons over the last few months since my stroke and I have learned to take care of me first then everything else. Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate that so very much.

I haven't been having as many headaches so I feel better then what I have been.


Welcome home!
We are so glad to hear you are feeling better.
Don't worry about your rank, for now, just ease your way back to working on your site.
We will have a great week if you do, too! Take it easy!
C & P

Thank you it is so nice to be back and yes I am taking it easy going to get my site back in order and I am not worried about my rank I will get it back soon though.

I am planning on having a great week or at least try to anyway.


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