Scam alert wa family

Last Update: April 18, 2020


I am attaching screenshots of what I received to make you all aware of this. Not sure what type of scam you want to call this one, but I purchase all my domains through WA and know that this is some type of new scam someone has created.

Do not be fooled by people know what you have here at WA is the real deal, I have no idea where this person came up with thinking I would pay for my domain that I purchased through WA let alone pay almost five times as much for a single year to renew it?????

It might be hard to read from the screenshot I have taken above but a One-Year Term is $75.00 seriously you must be kidding me when with WA I only pay $13.99 a year for my domain.

Below is a screenshot of the email I received from these morons (sorry but I do not know what else I can refer to them other than morons thinking I would fall for this):

I realize that my screenshots are not the best to read just hoping it will save anyone from a panic thinking to pay these scammers that amount for a domain that you already own through WA.

Never Get Scammed

What got me at first was the way they had the nerve to write this email making one think there was a possibility of some type of legal problem with my website.

At first, I was a bit shaken thinking I had printed something on my website and was being sued or asked to remove it from my website. What a relief when I clicked on the shortened link from bitly to find they wanted me to over-pay for a domain I have owned through WA for almost 2 years now.

Just wanted to warn everyone here at WA so they know what type of people are out there still trying to scam those of us who know enough to do our homework prior to getting involved with any type of scam!

Plan on adding a post to my website with the same screenshots to warn others who might get email notifications concerning their domains. Also, this will serve to show people who are unaware of how scammers work their scams.

In Conclusion

Any ways that was all I wanted to warn everyone about today hope it helps at least one person from getting ripped off.

Praying this post finds all of my WA family well and safe from the COVID-19!

Bless you all and stay safe,


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Shatten333 Premium
My Business School Teacher, used to say: "Each One Teach One" - and I will add that the magic starts, when we share good things amongst one another. Thanks for this post! - It is a given reality with each and everyone of us - that no one wants to be scammed.
Marley2016 Premium

School Teachers are to be honored and blessed to put
up with the disrespectful youth and adults in today's

Thank you for your support,
bestleads Premium
I get Google scam alerts. They notify you of the scams that appear on a everyday basis.

Technology is the scammers paradise.

You have to be on a constant lookout.

I am a member of AARP and they have constant scam alerts for senior citizens. The scams are a penny a thousand.

Don't ever click a link on any email or website. That could have many purposes and none will benefit you, most will harm you.

Even the unscribe link is a trick to acknowledge that your email is active and you will be flooded with more all kinds of emails.

The best is to delete them without clicking anything there.

They might even send you your email address and even with a password you have used sometime in the past. Specially those emails where you "were caught doing nasty things".

Usually payments are asked through bitcoins which is untraceble.

Don't fall for them.

I usually look at the email they are coming from. Usually the famous .ru (Rusia), And they have strange wordings or letters and numbers.

Keep safe.
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you for the information hope that other members
read what you have added here for them.
Thank you for your support as well,
JeannetteZ Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing this with us Susan. It reminded me that I have been getting similar emails for my husband’s business website starting several years ago. The first time I almost went for it, but had a question. When I replied to the email the recipient was a car company, which had absolutely nothing to do with his website. Ever since then when in doubt if it is spam I answer the email and check who the recipient is. 99.9% of the time it is someone totally unrelated.
With gratitude
Marley2016 Premium
The email looked official and I thought possibly I was in
trouble for using someone else's material or something.
Surprised when I clicked on the link to renew my domain
at such an outrageous fee!
Thanks for your support,
lucbizz Premium
Yes, in times of misery (this pandemic) some bad people try to scam you in many ways, this is one way they try it. You are not alone ,other people here at WA received these kinds of messages too.
Thanks for sharing ,so we all are aware of the scammers out there.
Marley2016 Premium
That is the advantage of being a member here at WA, I
purchase all my domains here on the platform and do not
need to worry about the price changing each year with
the price guarantee. Why go elsewhere?
Thanks for the support,
CLoney Premium
I am now getting spam emails saying they "hacked my cams" and that "now they have photos of me in compromising position, pedophilia, etc." Requesting large sums of money. These people are liars and disgusting. They keep sending these emails to my Website email saying "Final warning". I wish I knew how to block them but as soon as I block one email address they use another. I have never dared to click on any of their links though.

Sorry this happened to you.

Marley2016 Premium

Never click on those links most of them are hackers trying
to get in to steal your information. This one was trying to
get me to pay for a domain renewal I purchased here at
WA! Stay safe and keep aware, we are family here and
warn everyone when we get one of these scams.
Thanks for your support,