Debating Starting A Second Site

Last Update: February 25, 2017

So, what's on my mind... starting a second site is on my mind. I'd love to hear from some of you more seasoned affiliate marketers about your own experiences.

My somewhat jumbled thoughts:

1. I'm worried about having "all my eggs in one basket" so to speak. What if for some reason my site gets blocked or I get banned from the Amazon Associates program (which I use heavily). Shouldn't I perhaps diversify and also have a non-Amazon site?

2. I don't REALLY have time to be doing 2 sites justice. But I do wonder if I should put #1 on hold for a bit (or put minimal into it, like just 1 post a week), and get a 2nd one started so it can "marinate" and grow in age too.

3. I must say I'm getting rather bored of my 1st site niche. Would a 2nd site help keep things interesting?

4. I've been playing around with some niche ideas for a #2, but nothing strikes my fancy - especially knowing how all-absorbing a niche becomes. Do all sites done the WA way have to be big authority sites to work well?

I'd love some of your thoughts!

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Daymo Premium
If your first site has grown in age and content at least over a month, I reckon that doing minimal updates to it while working on a second could work well for ya

I believe that Amazon are doing an overhaul on there payment commission structure too and some departments have dropped in commission % so having a second could be great

It will certainly keep things interesting for you personally too.

I put minimal effort into my 1st site and it is 2 months old and still climbing a little in ranks.

I started my 2nd site 3 weeks ago which is a site I am developing using the bootcamp training and will be a WA Affiliate site

Now that I have spent time in WA and see the advantages, I was ready to build a site to raise the awareness and try and bring in some new WA Members
MarlaineB Premium
Thanks Damian, I wish you well with both of your sites!

My 1st site is 6 months old not quite where it's on autopilot yet... so I'm not sure I should just do minimal yet. (The last week for some reason has seen suddenly a great rise in organic traffic, so that's great.)

Yes, I find the process of setting up a site interesting - "just" writing new posts isn't as much fun. But I do see the value in just keeping at it.
Daymo Premium
Wow Spikes in traffic thats always nice to see hope it brings in some more revenue for ya.

If its spiking now prob best to ride the wave more and keep the content going a bit more regular than minimal take the most advantage of the surge for sure
MKearns Premium
I have one main site and 3 in long term development!
MarlaineB Premium
By "long term development", do you mean you have the sites set up and are just VERY slowly building them? Letting them age a bit, even while not doing a ton of work on them?

I'm wondering if that's what I should be doing too.
MKearns Premium
My laptop is bloated with archived non aging content that I will be posting.